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Thursday, 11 June 2009

Going live . . .

I now have a new online gallery which links to my main web site – and it's just gone live – ta-dah!!!

It's early days - so I hope it all works as it should. If you sign the Guestbook during June your name will go into the hat for a little 'giveaway' to celebrate the opening of the online gallery – the lucky winner will receive a selection of cards from Magic Cochin at the beginning of July.


  1. The gallery is terrific. Think I'm going to have to drop hints for my birthday... the family keep asking what I would like!

  2. Your new website and gallery look very modern and stylish. A great way to showcase your wonderful artwork.

  3. the gallery is a wonder! your prints are set up so beautifully. plus, i learned what a fieldfare bird is (i am really going to have to invest in bird guides for the u.k.& u.s.a.)

  4. fantastic gallery! Is it easy to upload new work to it yourself?

  5. Congratulations! Now I am off for a browse, I suspect I shall be sorely tempted!

  6. What a lovely tour of an art gallery I've just had! I've often felt the urge to try to paint bits of my garden. I must stop resisting! You're an inspiration.

  7. lovely gallery...love your work:-)

  8. Lots of beautiful prints Celia you are talented. I particularly liked the Japanese ones and the girl in the onsen...hmmm, reminds me of being in Japan last year. And there is another one with one of the studio assistants in the veg garden and a chook down the front - lovely!

  9. Thank you for all your encouraging comments :-)

    ... and Danielle, it's very easy to update and manage. Click on the FolioSnap logo at the bottom of my gallery page and give the free trial a go.



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