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Wednesday, 10 June 2009

A deluge wasn't going to stop me . . .

Aaaaah! that's more like it – a proper English June!

May was all very lovely – al fresco meals, too hot to garden, water butts empty already, wildlife pond shrunk to a puddle . . .

Not any more! This afternoon we had yet another massive downpour – the water butts are probably now overflowing! It was still pouring down, but I couldn't wait any longer – I got soaked, but we have home-grown Gariguette strawberries for 'afters' :-)


  1. Your strawberries look fabulous! We had a downpour too....Ah well..I suppose Wimbledon is not far off? LOL

  2. What a treat. Ours are just coming ripe now too. Can't wait. We have had torrential rain this afternoon but I think the weather is set fair for next week.

  3. Ahh.. there is nothing like freshly picked home grown strawberries. Nothing! enjoy.

  4. Oh for some of that deluge! We had a little sprinkle (last night) and that's all.

    Still a few days to go before our first strawbs are ripe. Worth the wait though eh?

  5. I love strawberries. We are still waiting for ours to ripen. It's a big tease.

  6. Here in the District of Columbia, I can't decide if the weather's more like Portland, Oregon, or where you are. It's raining every day. We're starting to see blossom end rot on the squashes. Boo. It should be hot and dry by now.

  7. What is a "water butt?" Here, a "butt" is someone's rear end. I don't think that's what you mean...could it be what we call a rain barrel?


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