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Sunday, 28 June 2009

Didn't we have a luv-er-ly time!

A light shower got everyone in the mood for defying the weather and enjoying our village fete, whatever the English weather was going to throw at us . . .

Defeated by our defiance the showers went on their way and the sun shone for the rest of the afternoon – Hurrah!

The sausages were sizzling . . .

Hilary and I had spent hours setting up a plant stall to be proud of . . .

There were mini-muffins containing a mystery ingredient* . . .

And games and competitions requiring skill and accuracy . . .

The book stall spotted a money making opportunity which would have made Mary pround . . .

Of course there was tea and cake . . .

And a band to get our toes tapping . . .

And afterwards? – everything's now packed up and the pennies and pounds counted; until we do it all again next year. Right now I want to put my feet up and have a snooze :-)

* answer: frozen mashed potato


  1. It all looks so lovely, I'm glad the rain went away. Now I'm wanting to know what the mystery ingredient was, are you going to spill the beans?

  2. Looks lovely! Ours was this afternoon and looks very similar to yours - only in the place of the brass band we had the school choir and percussion groups. You really can't beat a proper village fete.

  3. Wonderful looking fete. Glad the rain didn't ruin it.

  4. I've never tried frozen mash in a cake but traditional, newly mashed, fluffy stuff is great, as it is in bread. It keeps things nice and moist. Makes a cracking chocolate cake!

  5. How fun, I love summer festivals, especially fun little ones like this. Love those flags in the first photo!

  6. It sounds like you had a wonderful day. The tea and cake stall looks very tempting.

  7. glad the fete went well. the plants & the cakes stands look lovely :) haven't tried mashed potatoes but have a recipe for root beer cake which my son-in-law loves....

  8. What a wonderful fair! A great mix of tradition and modernity.

    I probably would have sampled every one of those cakes. And found a plant and book to take home. And those sausages sizzling away ... delicious.


  9. I would have not been able to resist that plant stall.
    What lovely bunting also, the whole event looks like something from a Miss Read novel.

  10. Got to love a British village fete! Looks like a great day!

  11. gosh I absolutely adore those two photos of the colourful pendants and the umbrella folks :)


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