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Friday, 25 April 2008

Magical hares

I feel lucky to live in an area where hares are a common sight racing across the fields. Unlike the bunnies that congregate on the grass verges of the local roads at dusk, the brown hare is an ancient inhabitant of England and magical legends about hares are part of our folk history.

Some doodles with a purple pen on a scrap on paper have inspired my latest printmaking project – four magical hare prints. I worked up the doodles as pencil roughs in my sketch book before sizing and tweaking the designs in Photoshop.

The designs have just been transferred onto the lino blocks ready for my favourite part of the process – cutting :-)


  1. These are indeed magical! Can't wait to see the prints. The rabbits remind me a bit of spiritcloth.blogspot... she posted a bunny quilt she was working on the other day. Spring is in the air.

    All the best,

  2. Ah! The hare...so bound up in mystery and myth. I saw hares in ritual "dance" once, near Foxearth, and missed the bus on account! ( Have you read The Leaping HAre by Evans and Thomson?)

  3. My favourite wild animal. I so love hares.

  4. There are quite a few hares around here too.

    This looks like a superb project. Can't wait to see the prints.

  5. I also have a fascination with hare's, these prints look wonderful, cant wait to see the finished art work!

  6. they look splendid and detailed, can't wait to see the prints :)


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