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Saturday, 19 April 2008

Broody cat?

Five reasons why the brindled studio assistant is being very sensible . . .

1/ it's overcast and there's a cold easterly blowing off the North Sea

2/ the hen-house is dry and clean and quiet

3/ straw mattresses are soft and smell lovely

4/ the ginger studio assistant is occupying the cosy chair in the house

5/ the studio door was closed

She has decided to stay there for the afternoon – I have let her keep the eggs to cuddle. I wonder what will happen if an under-gardener wants to lay an egg!


  1. We're all a bit broody here too. Yesterday we got hail, sleet, snow, lightning and thunder. What an adorable face that kitty has. --Curmudgeon

  2. Very cute. She doesn't chase the hens then?

  3. That is not an unintelligent cat! That looks like the warmest, cosiest place in the United Kingdom at the moment!

  4. Our old Siamese cat used to curl up in a nest box when he was tired of ratting.

  5. I couldn't stop laughing when I saw this post - we've had our fair share of broodies but this is the best!

  6. Celia, that is just the cutest cat, and such a great photo! Cats are great! x

  7. Oh Celia, this is truly wonderul. I recently found another photo that showed harmony between cat and hen but yours is adorable. Isn't life grand?


  8. Adorable! thanks for the savory rhubarb recipe suggestion!! I had no idea it could be used in so many ways...

  9. What a sweet scene to happen upon! Looks like kitty wouldn't want to be anywhere else:)


  10. WWW - I hope spring arrives soon in the Pacific NW

    Joanna - I couldn't resist posting this one!

    Wendy - the kittens were taught who's boss at an early age!

    Matron - cats are very, very sensible!

    Dinahmow - your Siamese spotted a good place for a cat-nap!

    Chooks'r'us - so pleased you enjoy my blog!

    Louise - she knows she's cute - that's why she gets away with also being 'Miss-Chief'!!!

    Diane - my studio assistants love the hen-house!

    Jean Ann - enjoy the rhubarb! I cooked a rhubarb upside-down cake last night - mmmmm! and it's spicy lamb and rhubarb tonight.

    Brenda - she's skilled at finding the quietest, cosiest place to spend the afternoon.

    Now the ginger studio assistant wants his 15 mins of fame too!!!

  11. What a cute photo! I don't think our hens would be too pleased with being invaded!

  12. What a fabulous photograph. Your cat is lovely.
    Sara from farmingfriends


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