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Tuesday, 1 April 2008


Reach Arts Fair
Saturday 5th April 10am – 4pm

in Reach Village Centre
between Cambridge and Newmaket
near Anglesey Abbey (NT)

On Saturday I will have a stall at the Reach Arts Fair, previous fairs in this small village on the edge of the Cambridgeshire Fens have been a great success. The stalls are bursting with beautifully hand crafted things - pots, jewellery, basketry, prints, photographs and much more – not to mention the teas (the cakes alone are worth the trip!). Before, after or during the Grand National, the doors will be open! The cards pictured above will all be available from my stall, along with original framed and unframed limited edition linocut prints.

The "to do" white board in my studio office is full of lists and dates and the occasional red tick! The downside of being freelance is that sometimes work is slow to come in and then when it does there is so much the only realistic thing to do is to share the work with someone else or turn it down. This morning was one of those moments - I weighed things up and realised that with working on Saturday (Reach Arts Fair) and Sunday (Cambridge Open Studios proof-reading day) not an option, I had to say "no". I had to keep the existing projects on schedule. In the old days I might have worked through the night – these days a work-life balance is more important . . . which means that on Sunday evening I should have time to curl up on the sofa and loose myself in The Seeds of Kokopelli – a manual for the production of seeds in the family garden – a directory of Heritage Seeds. As Rebsie predicted (see previous post) the book didn't drop through the letter box - it's way too big! Derek the Postman rang the doorbell early this morning and handed over a large padded envelope. Inside was not only the book (440 pages!) but also three packets of tomato seeds, which I'll save to plant next year.


  1. Hi Celia, thanks for your kind comments on my blog.

    I think your cards are beautiful. I can't make it to the craft fair, so do you post them out? If so, how much do they cost?

    Thanks, Lucy x

  2. Super plug for the fair Celia! Looking forward to meeting up again (and on Sunday!!!)

  3. I hope it goes well for you and that the weather isn't horrible and/or cold. It's a shame I have no sense of direction, or sat-nav, I'd have liked to attend the fair.

  4. Celia, it sounds like you have your priorities in the right place. I am always amazed at the incredibly interesting, diverse, and enriched arts & culture events that occur where you live. Wonderful.


  5. Hello. How very exciting. I wish I could attend the fair and buy some of your beautiful cards or a print.

    I am glad to see you received your Kokopelli book. I think we both ordered in response to Rebsie's post, but mine hasn't shown up yet. I am so excited about it! and it's so important to support their worthy work. Maybe tomorrow...

  6. Hi Celia, love your blog, your prints are beautiful!

    thanks for looking at my blog, had actually just finished looking though yours, so was amazed to see you'd left me a comment. Can't wait to see more of your artwork and your lovely brick paths!


  7. I hope the fair tomorrow is brilliant and that your cards do very well. They are lovely and I'd be after the running hare if I was there. Perhaps next year I can time a visit to my children to coincide with it.

  8. How interesting a directory of heritage seeds, it will hold some great information. I hope the fair goes well for you. I have only just noticed you have a website, I shall be keeping an eye on that in the future. x

  9. Lucy - the cards will soon be available by post.

    Gina - hope you had a successful day.

    Toffeeapple - the weather wasn't good, but enough came along to make it a good day.

    Diane - Cambridge and the surrounding area attracts lots of creative and enthusiastic people!

    Deborah - I'm sure you'll enjoy browsing the Kokopelli book.

    Hi Kat - welcome to my blog!

    Threadspider - hope you can visit some of the Cambridge studios in July.

    Louise - there's lots of design and illustration work on my web site - but a makeover is due, it's on my 'to do' list!!!

  10. I hope you enjoy the book and (eventually) the tomatoes!


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