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Friday, 11 April 2008

Is it warm enough?

Driving back to my studio earlier today, the sun was shining (I was pleased that I had my sunglasses with me), it was 12˚C. BBC Radio Cambridgeshire were discussing the advice given by gardening-expert Bunny Guiness . . . to test whether the soil is warm enough to sow seed outside, lower one's pants and sit one's bottom on the soil. The following weather report said some 'April showers' could be expected later and it was rumoured that it was actually raining in Huntington.

As I skirted the northern edge of Cambridge, the sky darkened ominously and vehicles on the A14 switched on their headlights. Crossing the border into Suffolk sleet started to splash onto the windscreen, the temperature steadily fell, lightening flashed and thunder rumbled. I followed a river of melt-water cascading down the hill into our village and parked the car in our front yard . . .

I decided to stay in the car until the
'April Shower' had passed . . .

2˚C !

still hailing . . .

my car turned into an igloo . . .

warm enough?
no, I'm not going to test the soil!


  1. I'm giggling here at the very thought! We had over an hour of very heavy hail (North Bucks)and when I went to get into my car to go home from the office, my very dirty front wheels had been sandblasted, they are now polka-dotted...

    I assume you made it to the front door without mis-hap?

  2. That conjured up an interesting mental image of you testing the soil Celia! Good luck with the Etsy shop!

  3. Oh what a good laugh I had over this! and also to think of the look on the face of my over-interested neighbor who has a clear view of my garden. Thanks for the image! The weekend brought us another foot of snow. Sigh. But it is expected to melt off almost immediately with a relatively balmy week ahead, so it sounds worse than it is. Still...spring here is very late this year and I covet your garden views.

  4. You missed a trick there-you could have had iced buns after your drive home
    : )

  5. April just can't make its mind up can it? warm one day, snow the next. My poor little tomato plants!

  6. That's hysterical and one I haven't heard before!! I would most likely get arrested should I try it in my garden! I really enjoyed your blog and LOVED the cowslips in the lonely meadow. What a gorgeous place.

  7. Toffeeapple - yes, reached safety eventually! The studio assistants had somehow got into the spare bedroom and were hiding in the duvet - cat's are so sensible!

    Gina and CS - I'm not telling how I test the soil!

    EL - we are lucky that the snow doesn't hang around for long.

    Threadspider - :) good idea!

    Matron - it's a bit of a juggling trick this spring - too hot, too cold!

    Kathleen - thank you for visiting - the meadow is beautiful and sadly very rare now.


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