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Wednesday, 31 October 2007

URGENT! for your immediate attention . . .

She's soooooooh busy this week! What does a studio-assistant need to do to get some attention around here? :)


  1. LOVE it!

    Great photo ... wish my desk was as tidy!


  2. I just love the places cats find to sit, they really are so funny. This cat looks so pretty and very adorable! Louise

  3. Oh, Chester! Josh used to have "cat's nests" like that,Rusty prefers a cushion on the sofa.
    (And did I spy the Sydney Opera House in a photo?)

  4. Hi Joanna - the photo is carefully composed so the tat I swept aside is out of shot :)

    Hi Louise - Chester loves baskets and boxes!

    Hi Dinahmow - That was clever of you to spot Sydney Opera House! The photo is Cliff and me - we're on our way home from our honeymoon in NZ and we escaped from Sydney airport for a few hours between flights! Manley Ferry, Opera House, lunch at The Rocks - where I bought the little picture frame :)

  5. Chester is clearly a cat amongst cats.

    When I want D's attention I curl up in his in tray or lie on the doormat where I am pelted by his post.

    I call this behaviour added value.

  6. Some cats will do anything for a bit of attention:-)
    Take care,

  7. Chester certainly has staked out his territory. What a gorgeous cat he is!

  8. Great photo. I love the way cats just plonk themselves in a space and look comfortable, even if they aren't.

  9. The in-tray has been Chester's preferred day-bed all week. The only problem is that his new hobby is shredding the contents!


  10. Our cat Cookie is the In Tray girl. Her brother Otto is the 6.5kg paperweight for all my husband's files from work. His office is currently like the West Bank, a territory up for negotiation! Love your blog.


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