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Friday, 28 January 2011

When 3 bloggers went in search of snowdrops . . .

. . . and found much more

. . . including sunshine and cake*

A Magic Cochin production starring
Silverpebble and Fan My Flame

Location: The Winter Walk at
Anglesey Abbey in Cambridgeshire

* Gina did not eat any cake, she just had a cup of tea


  1. Well that was a rather lovely interlude, looks like a splendid day out. I love those ghostly white tree trunks.

  2. The size of that slice of cake is absolutely shocking :-) love the witch hazels and the silver birch grove, I've never been to Anglesea Abbey but its on my list now (they also have a new allotment there)

  3. Beautiful slide show - there is so much colour around still. Those ghostly white trees look like they have eyes!

  4. I'm so sad I missed you all, especially as I ended up having to deal with fights and tummy bugs all lunchtime :-(

  5. It was such a treat! Thankyou for a lovely morning x

  6. What a super slideshow and didn't we have a lovely morning. Thank you!

  7. Sounds like a lovely day, I've never been to Anglesey Abbey. Another place to visit I think.

  8. What a stunning garden and delightful company . I've seen all three versions now and all I can say is: Invite me next time!!!!

  9. You three creative walkers are so kind to have allowed the rest of us to go along with you.

    The images are beautiful, and so very different from what our snowed-in, over and over, Central Park can offer for a walk.

    We do, however, have some dramatic dark and slushy pathways to show you. xo

  10. What a brilliant example of "winter interest" - loved the grove of birches, wouldn't like the job of keeping the trunks clean of moss though! The sight of that cake has made me hungry...

  11. That was absolutely lovely - thank you. There is so much beauty in the simplicity of the Winter landscape.
    Jo x

  12. What a lovely slide show, the tree barks are amazing.

  13. Just a thimbleful..

    Lovely photographs- I keep trying to grow witch hazel but it does not like my garden! Resisting N.T. cakes is a serious achievement!

  14. It looks like you had a lovely time - especially as there was cake involved! Lucy x

  15. Hi Poshyarns - they wash those trees you know!!!

    Hi Wessex Reiver - I heard about the allotments - you must visit, the landscape garden is stunning.

    Hi Jacqui - love the thought of trees with eyes!

    Hi Dottycookie - we missed you too! hope you can come on the next meet-up.

    Silverpebble & Gina - I'm so pleased we made the effort to do this - it was a good tonic!

    Hi Miriam - I hope you manage to visit Anglesey Abbey.

    Hi Jackie - Ooo yes! we will!

    Hi Frances - I can't believe how much snow you had in NY!!!

    Hi Plantiliscious - this is probably the best winter garden I've seen - and I've seen it every year since it was planted, I love how it has evolved.

    Hi Flower Garden - the colour flowers and scents are amazing for so early in the year - just goes to show what you can do!

    Hi Toffeeapple - my silver birch would look like that if I set to with a pressure washer twice a year!

    Hi Mavis - we planted a Witch Hazel this year, inspired by this visit. Fingers crossed!

    Hi Locket Pocket - a vist to a NT garden inevitably ends with cake!



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