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Saturday, 1 January 2011

New Year's Day treats

Did you see in 2011 in style? Did you join the crowds by the Thames to see the fireworks? Or were you tucked up in bed? Cliff and I were at a Murder Mystery Dinner Party and got back very very late . . . this morning I didn't feel very lively! But my green metallic finger nails and blue hair reminded me that we'd had a good time.

There was no time to lounge around, we had an invitation to join The Cottage Smallholder for lunch. We arrived at Fiona and Danny's cottage and were immediately made welcome in the cosy kitchen with the Min Pins. After toasting the New Year with bubbly (or Elderflower cordial for those – me – feeling delicate) we tucked into a sublimely delicious roast chicken and vegies followed by bread and butter pud . . . yummy yummy and there was a lot of laughter – the best therapy ever invented!

Fiona has been busy with her sewing machine and as well as lovely scented lavender hearts she has developed a new product . . . a scented toy for cats. I volunteered the studio assistants to review The Catnip Bird . . .

"we could smell the catnip before we saw it"
the ginger one

"the plastic wrapper is difficult to undo without
human paws to assist"
the ginger one

"the catnip scent gets transferred onto the carpet
and is lovely to roll around in and get it on my fur"
the tabby one

"the fabric is strong and keeps its shape
even after it's been chewed"
the tabby one

I think they like it Fiona! Thank you so much for lunch and for making two cats very very happy.


PS: The music is of course "What's new pussycat" by Mr Tom Jones, but you all knew that anyway ;-)

You can purchase Catnip Birds from The Cottage Smallholder Shop.


  1. Brilliant, Celia!Loved the way The Tabby One rolled ecstatically!
    Shame we didn't see those nails and hair though...
    Happy new Year to you from melting-snow Brooklyn.
    (some pics at the cats' blog.)

  2. It sounds like a lovely way to spend New Year's Day!

    We spent last night with Jools Holland and today we have been trying out our new Wii balance board, with fairly hilarious results.

  3. Isn't it wonderful to start the New Year off with friends and laughter! I think it's a sign of what a good year you'll have! From the looks of it the 2 kitty's are also going to have a good year!

  4. Sounds like you had a fab time! Ours was a quiet affair at home due to illness and work commitments but still managed to watch the local fireworks and gather the young folk back home safely .
    Happy new year wishes to all!

  5. ooohh cat's on drugs... very amusing... love the way at first they don't seem sure where the smell is coming from! HAPPY NEW YEAR Celia, hope it's a good one for you and yours! Dom xx

  6. Just a thimbleful...

    How delightful! Powerful stuff that catnip, I remember my cats rolling around in the bush we had in the garden. Felt sorry for tabby just having the left-overs!
    Happy New Year!

  7. It was great getting together yesterday Celia!

    What a wonderful video - I love Chloe languishing in the background!

  8. Totally brilliant Celia. I love it! I was just waiting for the ginger one's back legs to go!!

    I just have to get one of these birds for Jess and Bobbi. Thanks for the link to Fiona's website.

    Happy New Year to you and Cliff and all the assistants!


  9. Wionderful way to welcome in the new year - friends, food and craic - nothing better!

  10. where catnip is involved, human intervention is not needed to open a package! :)


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