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Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Walking in a winter wonderland

Dipping into the paper bag of PPP' Winter Mixture I picked out . . .

A Winter Solstice Walk

You can, of course, snuggle up in the warm
with a cup of tea and a mince pie and
let Cliff and me do the walking for you

Here we are on the Ickworth Estate,
you can see the eliptical dome of
Ickworth House
far across the snowy fields.

Past the Suffolk Sheep digging through the snow
to graze on the grass beneath. In a couple of months
their new born lambs will be skipping over the slopes.

Through a dark forest with tree trunks
painted with frosting by the North East wind.

Look up through the branches -
giant globes of Mistletoe bejewelled with
pearl-like berries.

Follow me into a magical snowy world . . .

. . . to see the mid-winter sun
at the turning of the year
cast its golden rays over the glitering snow.

The paper bag of PPP's Winter Mixture isn't yet empty - I'll have another rummage to see what I can find.

If you're traveling this Christmas, stay safe and take care.



  1. We trudged on a snowy village walk this morning. Very pretty but unfortunately my camera has packed up so no evidence of it!

  2. the last photo & the mistletoe globe are wonderful! our bit of snow is due to be rained on by friday, so no perfect winter scenes my way.

  3. That lovely picture of the low mid-winter sun is breathtaking.

    Happy Christmas to you, Cliff and the menagerie.

  4. I love the flavour of today's winter mixture-especially that low sun.

  5. so beautiful Celia! If I could transport myself there, I would! We, of course, are melting in an intense and unrelenting sun so sitting here in the stillness of the early morning looking at your photos, I can cool down a little just looking at them!

    Wanted to thank you for your beautiful blog this year - your garden, girls, art, humour, and general creativity are food for my soul! Have a wonderful Christmas and I hope 2010 is a great year for you and yours.

    Jacqui & the girls xx

  6. Oh gorgeous Celia - both pictures and words. I'm enjoying your bag of winter mixture. Tell me, do you have a fruit salad or two in there? What about some flying saucers?


  7. Thank you for that beautiful walk Celia.
    Such gorgeous photos, epecially the mistletoe and that last shot of the sun through the trees!

    Merry Christmas to you!

  8. Your walk has become a gorgeous, generous Christmas gift to all who are fortunate to see this post. xo

  9. What a beautiful walk - you have far more snow than us. Merry Christmas!

  10. That looks wonderful! blue sky and snow makes the most wonderful walking weather!

  11. Just a thimbleful.....

    Beautiful photographs and poetic words - what |I have come to expect from your blogs. (Isn't blog an ugly word!) Happy Christmas and a healthy new year.

  12. Thank you for showing us a bit of what Christmas is like in your "nick of the woods!"

  13. I love this last photo of the sun coming through the trees!

  14. HI Dottycookie - looks as though you'll have more chances for snowy walks.

    Hi Petoskystone - this has been the snowiest Christmas and New Year I can remember!

    Hi Veg Heaven and Threadspider - the sun's rays on the snow took my breath away.

    Hi Jacqui - I can't imagine a hot and sticky Christmas, lots of plans for 2010, so pop back soon.

    Hi Emma - just old fashioned 'Winter Mixture' boiled sweets (but the shop sold all the other schooldays faves)

    Hi Karen - Ickworth is one of our 'Mistletoe walks' - very special to see it high in the trees.

    Hi Frances - this walk is always a winter treat - this year it was magical.

    Hi Danielle - the snow just keeps on coming!

    Hi Matron - Hope you are enjoying some winter walks too (and I'm thinking of dear Buddy)

    Hi Mavis - Happy New Year - here's to 2010!

    Hi Julia - welcome to PPPs, Happy New Year!

    Hi Lyn - Thank you and Happy New Year!



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