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Sunday, 6 December 2009

London Part 1: Hello Wembley!!!!

On Friday afternoon Cliff escaped from work and I completed the last deadline of the week, before we packed our overnight bag and drove down the motorway to London. Eventually, after mile after mile of roads lined with traffic cones (will they all disappear in 2012 for the Olympics? and where will all the cones be stored?) we arrived at our destination . . .

Wembley! In fact, a hotel right next door to Wembley Stadium (the football ground with the big arch over the top) and Wembley Arena (the enormous show venue illuminated with pink and yellow lights). The square outside was all a-twinkle with Christmas Trees and dancing fountains, which put us in an excited mood . . .

and because we'd come to see . . .

and even though our seats were almost at the back of the 12,000 seat hall we could easily see both small, real Eddie and ginormous virtual Eddie on a massive super-real screen . . .

We were taken on a roller coaster of Izzardness through world history - dinosaurs, stone-age hunters and gatherers, 'ancients' (Egyptians, Greeks, Romans), Moses, Noah, the Battle of Hastings - I'm still laughing at the Bayeux Tapestry stitchers being urged to keep up with the action on the battlefield.

We laughed at linguistic sumersaults in French and Latin, and my favourites - the jazz cockerell and the ska cat!

All great fun, fun, fun . . . and proves that laughter really is the best medicine - all the better when it's intelligent and clever and from the wonderful Mr Izzard!

After the show we were only five minutes walk away from our comfy bed!

The rain has stopped, so I'm off to skip around my garden in the sunshine with the under-gardeners and Spice Girls :-)
In part 2 I'll tell you about the gallery we went to in Saturday morning ;-)


  1. Oh, you lucky people! I think he is such a talented entertainer. I'm so pleased that you had such a good time and am looking forward to reading about the next stage of your adventure.

  2. I am very envious! I adore Eddie Izzard-such a talent.

  3. Oh oh oh, so envious! You lucky people!

  4. I love a day in London, and a sleepover is even better. And at this time of the year everywhere looks so festive. But it is SO very nice to come back home to Cambridge!

  5. what a wonderful time of the year to go enjoy eddie izzard! he is *so* undervalued in the u.s.

  6. If I hadn't married Mr P I would have married Eddie Izzard. Oh yes

  7. Oooooo! more Eddie Izzard fans ;-)

    Hi Toffeeapple - two and a quarter hours of Eddie and an audience of 12,000 was so uplifting!

    Hi Threadspider - me too! I'm so pleased Cliff bought these tickets last February :-)

    Hi Dottycookie - you must try to get tickets if he does another tour.

    Hi Mavis - I'm pleased we booked the hotel, so convenient. And it meant the Parts 2 and 3 of our adventure were possible.

    Hi Petoskystone - I think we'll have to plan a Christmas 2010 treat, we enjoyed this so much!

    Hi Silverpebble - well, I say!!! calm down Mrs!!! you'd have to fight me off first ;-)


  8. What a lovely little weekend getaway! It sounds like you had a wonderful time!


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