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Friday, 18 December 2009

It's snowy!

No prizes for guessing what I'll find in my bag of PPP's Winter Mixture this morning!

Snow! Lots and lots of snow . . .
the snow started falling late yesterday afternoon. I knew that it was on it's way as there were Tweets from the east of the county describing the snow-storm as it came in off the North Sea, an hour later and there were a few flakes in the icy wind. When Cliff came home he only just managed to get through the accumulating snow on the highest point of his route home over the border from Cambridgeshire into Suffolk.

And this morning . . .

Here's the front of our house in a very wintery scene.

The trees in the churchyard are outlined in the snow
which blew in from the north-east.

In our garden, our beautiful Yew tree is decorated
with a frosting of white; it's also alive with
Mistle Thrushes, Redwings and Blackbirds
feasting on the berries and sending puffs of
powdery snow into the icy air.

The Hazel Arch is looking stunning
- now, this is why it's worth making some
architectural structures in the garden!

The tabby one is out and about, brave girl! . . .
her ginger brother is fast asleep in the studio ;-)

The hen-house looks like it's been transported to Lapland
- what a shock for my under-gardeners!

Nutmeg Spice is being brave - come on girls!

I hope you're safe and warm wherever you are today, enjoy the winter spectacle!

Another dip into my bag of PPP's Winter Mixture very soon,



  1. that arch looks absolutely fantastic. you ate your porridge quickly!! for your walkabout

  2. Unfortunately we have missed the snow, more like a hard frost! but still cold brrrrrrrrrr. Love the pics, but being a Sagittarius I love this time of year.

  3. Gosh, you've had loads! It look beautiful - especially the hazel arch!

  4. My hens wouldn't come out this morning!

  5. It looks the same here - very exciting stuff!

  6. Beautiful photographs, we have snow too here in south Lancashire but not as much as you. All very seasonal.

  7. No snow here - we are in a micro-climate of our own! North Yorks is under 8" of the White Stuff. Just a light sifting of fine hailstones here yesterday. The sky's heavy today though. Keep warm.

  8. Looks like you had about the same amount as us in the end! Beautiful pictures - loved your description of the yew tree with the little birds. :)

  9. Nice. The forecast is for us to look very much like that by tomorrow.

  10. I love your snow pics. I am hopeful of a white christmas.........

  11. Good heavens , you have had a lot of snow.

    I can see how your garden influences your work. I love the arch.

  12. Very pretty. I need an arch. What's the temperature? It was 8 degrees F this morning (that's -13 C!)

  13. gorgeous arch! my, but nutmeg is giving giving a severe eye to the snow! we haven't had a nice snow *yet*:( hope that it isn't too horrid for driving..

  14. What wonderful photos! anyone would think it was Christmas! I can't remember the last time we had a white Christmas in London.

  15. It does look very pretty! Her, we had bright blue sea and sky yesterday, with 30 something deg.C Today, leaden and very humid. Could be a storm later.

    Have you seen this?

  16. Fantastic pictures. I especially love the willow arch.

  17. Celia,

    Absolutely beautiful! What amazing scenery to wake up to. Each photo is so picturesque. Snow truely adds such a gentle, beautiful accent to everything. I love the photo of nutmeg looking out the hen house "I'm not so sure about this".

  18. Hi Rhiannon - I should've waited a while, the sun came out and it looked even better!

    Hi Jane - more snow on it's way, maybe you got some afterall?

    Hi Sarah and Jon - the snow came down so fast, everywhere is transformed!

    Hi Gina - Nutmeg Spice was the only one up for a walk in the snow!

    Hi Dottycookie - I love how adults can't help but get a bit excited about snow.

    Hi Jamjar - the hills must look wondeful in the snow - but quite dangerous too.

    Hi Veg Heaven - how strange, you must be surrounded by snow!

    Hi Natasha - I new we were in for a blizzard when you tweated about the snow falling!

    Hi Ed - we get nowhere near the extremes of weather you get over there in Washington DC! In a few days our snow will be gone and forgotten.

    Hi Threadspider - yes I think a White Christmas is a dead cert now.

    Hi Acornmoon - I'm happy you enjoyed Sophie's interview.

    Hi Terry - -13C, no way! we got down to -8C one night but that was a very rare event.

    Hi Petoskystone - the roads were a nightmare!

    Hi Matron - so many people were saying they didn't feel Christmassy this year - then suddenly this happens and everything changes!

    Hi Dinahmow - I just can't imagine a hot Christmas.

    Hi thebutcherthebaker - the arch is a Cobnut and a Filbert, not that we ever get the nuts - darn squirrels!

    Hi Dowhatyoulove - Nutmeg was actually very brave and danced around in the snow later :-)



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