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Thursday, 19 November 2009

It's bizarre! It's bazaar!

It's been over a week since I last posted on here . . . this is going to be a quick update about what's happening in and around my studio . . .

The weather can be described a bizarre - between the storms and gale force winds, the sun shines and it's unseasonably warm. Around and about the colours in the landscape are sparking off lots of ideas for new prints.

But I have other things to do - at the top of the list is The Christmas Bazaar (details on my main website www.celiahart.co.uk - apologies for not putting the clickable links in my post, but my studio computer and blogger seem to be having a lovers' tiff!). I'm surrounded by baskets of stuff . . .

and lots of Winter Thrushes . . .

I know there will be lots of gorgeous things for sale - and the lovely blogger Silverpebble will be there too, with her very very special silver, beady treasures. The tea and cakes are guaranteed to be scrummy - treat yourself!

I've been freelance for over 18 years now (crikey!!!! that's a long time!) and I still can't get used to the ups and downs of the work-flow . . . when there is a lull I know I have to get on the phone or send out self-promotion leaflets, this won't take all day and I should fill the day with creative projects of my own - but my mind goes blank; as soon as I break-through the 'artist's block' the email pings into life and an artbrief arrives - urgent, urgent, urgent - but I've got other things scheduled in and prints half printed - I need to grow extra arms to cope with all the stuff and my studio looks like the autumn gale has blown through it!

Meanwhile, while my attention is elsewhere, the under-gardeners have been busying themselves with UGPs*. Cheekily they have decided to work right outside my studio's office window . . .

. . . yes, I can see you girls!

* unauthorised gardening projects


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who finds it's all or nothing... and when it's nothing it is really hard to get motivated with all those projects I keep thinking I'll do when I'm not so busy!Hope the bazaar is successful.

  2. Those cards are beautiful!!!
    Glad to see its not just my girls who are deciding to muck about in the flowerbeds. x

  3. glad to read that the storms & such haven't done too much damage. wish i was close enough to hit up one of markets! ah--the undergardeners, they are just daring you to come out & play :)

  4. oooh, those winter thrushes are gorgeous!

  5. will some of those gorgeous snowdrop cards and and Winter Thrush gift wrap packs be available on Etsy for those of us who can't get there on Saturday?
    Pretty please:-)

  6. My lovely book "The Giraffe and the elephant" arrived today. It is a little treasure, beautiful illustrations, I love the paper too.

    Is there anything in the world nicer than a hand bound book?

  7. that's a beautiful gift wrapping set. And you had to know I adore seeing the undergardeners :)

  8. The Winter Thrushes gift wrapping sets and cards are really lovely. Unfortunately I couldn't make it to the bazaar on Saturday but I'm hoping to pop down to JMG in Long Melford on Friday, Christmas list in hand!

    Jeanne x

  9. Hi Gina - It's sort of comforting to know that you go through this too.

    Hi Jess - I suppose mucking about in the flowerbeds is better than digging pits in the lawn!

    Hi Petosktstone - we've been lucky to avoid the big storms this Autumn (so far).

    Thank you Danielle

    Hi AllyColl - plenty left - I'll be in touch.

    Hi Acornmoon - hope you enjoy the story :-)

    Hi Diane - the under-gardeners get all the attention!!

    Hi Jeanne - have fun in Long Melford :-)



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