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Friday, 27 November 2009

Ahem! could I have some attention please!!!!

Ahem!! Meee-ooooo!!

I know what, I'll get into the in-tray - that might make her stop looking at the computer screen and ask me what I want . . .

No? She's drawing pictures of switches and plugs - booooooring!

Time for plan B – shred the top sheet of paper!

Hee-hee!!!! That made her look!

"It's half past five! Isn't it time you served my supper?"


  1. Orange tabbys are so demanding are they. Our orange tabby Grumpy only has one eye and just c an't get through his day without getting everyone in the house to pay attention to him. Lots of time when I;m blogging he'll be resting on my left knee.

  2. Awww So cute!

    My ginger boy Jasper taps me on the head with his paw in the mornings demanding attention :)

  3. How irresistible! My tortie cat sits on my lap almost the whole time I'm working at the computer, usually laying on my left arm, which may account for a lot!

  4. Hi Randy - 'Orange tabby', we don'y use that term over here - but like it! Grumpy sounds like quite a character :-)

    Hi Karen - Our ginger one isn't allowed in the bedroom at night - I think that a rather hefty ginger cat jumping off the head-board onto us at 5am had something to with the decision!

    Hi Su - I'm pleased the studio assistants have been trained to sleep in baskets - I'm not sure I could work with them laying on my arms!!!

    It's 5.38pm and after being nagged by a ginger and tabby double act this evening, I have served them their supper! Just who's in charge around here?!


  5. Oh that's so lovely! Jess does the same thing at around 5pm, well she walks across my keyboard to be precise which certainly gets my attention! She's so gorgeous though she gets away with just about anything!

    Jeanne x

  6. "Just who is in charge here?"

    - How long have the cats owned you?

  7. I'd expect nothing less from a studio assistant! Thanks Celia for your kind comments on my recent Mum post. x

  8. mine try to stop the printer by stepping on the buttons and playing with the paper as it prints out !

  9. Too funny. What could possibly be so important on a computer? =)

  10. Very cute - but isn't it true that cat's truly have staff and dogs have owners... I'm not quite sure how cats just get away with it!! Have a good weekend! Miranda

  11. Just a thimleful....

    Oh, that does SO make me miss my two Somalis. But t broke my heart when one was run over and later the other had kidney troule - I cannot go through that heartache again just for cats when there is so much people heartbreak around!
    LOVE to look at them, though..

  12. I once had a red tabby - so small when he came to us that I said he was only 'arf a cat' less than 6 weeks old and still needed feeding with a pippette. He was call 'arfur' and I miss him dreadfully - he lived to a good age before leaving us bereft! I will put a piccie on my blog.

  13. My dog only needs to look at me. When I glance up, she wags her tail. I obey instantly.


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