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Thursday, 5 November 2009

And here's the plot . . .

A couple of years back I illustrated a series of GCSE History students' books for Folens Publishers; one was about Crime and Punishment, my brief - to draw all the grimy scenes of wicked deeds and gruesome retribution in a historically correct but "light-hearted" fashion. I kid you not! sometimes being an illustrator gets quite bizarre.

Here are three of the scenes from a crime relevant to this evening, as England skips with glee as the fireworks light up the sky and we re-enact burning a 17th century terrorist.

Here are some disgruntled gents hatching a plot over a pint . . .

and here are the plotters . . .

and here's the guy (sorry!) who drew the short straw . . .

"Hold it right there matey! you're nicked!"

Enjoy your sparkly whizzy bangy evening!



  1. One of the few times I miss being in school-your illustrations put me straight back amongst the kids.Enjoy your mud and baked potatoes

  2. Your illustrations are really brilliant. We've just returned from watching the display in Cambridge - absolutely stunning!

  3. Particularly enjoyed the plotters although all this celebrating an ancient plot is slightly mustifying these days.

  4. Fabulous illustrations. Our village firework display is on Saturday but I'm away so I'll miss it.

  5. You are so clever, your illustrations are wonderful. I would be hopeless with such a brief.

    I think bonfire night was a bit of a damp squib here, not one bang, which suited me and my dog just fine.

  6. What terrific illustrations! I am sure that your pictures helped lots of students learn their history.

    May I send you belated wishes for a splendid bonfire night.

  7. lovely illustrations. while i'm always up for any excuse to set off fireworks, the desire to sanitize history saddens me. by making history one-dimensional, it gets dismissed as irrelevant. & that is a pity.

  8. Wonderful stuff! One of them even looks like DaVinci's last supper!

  9. Oh I laughed and laughed at "you're nicked" ... I remember when my aunt used to say that! As a kid, I giggled and she would say it again! Oh, of course your illustrations are fantastic but that "nicked" absolutely blew me over!

  10. Brilliant illustrations Celia, befitting the brief exactly.

    We went to an organised firework display on Saturday night, no bonfire or Guy, all very PC!!

    Jeanne x


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