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Friday, 10 July 2009

Time for summer shorts

Last summer I introduced PPP-lite – quick snippets of news from my garden and studio. I've lots of plans for projects in the studio and garden while the sun shines; so, while I'm busy with other things for a couple of months, I'll be posting summer•shorts . . .

summer•shorts no:01

A Comma butterfly basking on a globe artichoke
in the vegetable garden early this morning.


  1. What a super summer short! Do you know, my crazy eyes, always looking for imagery, actually made me think that I saw a tiny green chick ... before realizing it was a leaf of the artichoke. Wonder if anyone else sees this?

    Best wishes!

  2. how lovely to catch just that shot!

  3. I see chicks too! And I love shorts. We're not even getting rain to send me in for blog time. Enjoy the summer - Paula

  4. I look forward to seeing your studio work, I am sure your garden must be greatly inspiring. All those gorgeous veggies and chickens!

  5. Oh what a handsome big artichoke that is. How lovely your summer is looking. Enjoy!

  6. I just love artichokes! mine just seem to get covered in blackfly. Do yours suffer?

  7. Congrats on winning the World Wide Veggie Show! Those artichokes were beautiful!

  8. Hi Frances - LOL green chicks! Yes I see them now!

    Thanks Petoskystone - we have some lovely butterflies about this year, the Comma is my favourite.

    Hi Paula - have a great summer over in the Pacific NW.

    Hi Acornmoon - I have lots of good intentions and the weeks are whizzing by...

    Hi Amber - this year we vowed to make the most of the artichokes, now we have a real taste for them :-)

    Hi Matron - I'm sure you've noticed the blackfly in the photo ;-) Thank you so much for the prize in your Vegetable Show.

    Hi Thomas - beautiful, purple and delicious - can't ask a veg for more!


  9. Not sure how I didn't know of you before - just saw your Gold Medal-winning entry at Matron's contest and was totally blown away by both what you grew and how you presented it. Congrats!!!

  10. What a unique looking butterfly and I'm so envious you can grow artichokes and the like :)

  11. What an absolutely wonderful image Celia. You've brought a real smile this morning with this - lovely to scroll back into previous weeks. Your archive is a joy x

  12. Hi Karen - welcome to PPPs

    Hi Dianne - this has been a wonderful year for them (amazing the plants got through an unusually harsh winter unprotected).

    Thank you Silverpebble :-)



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