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Thursday, 2 July 2009

Dappled sunlight and shadows

Today I took my paints to The Wild Wood; Cliff has constructed a rustic bench from yew branches, the seat is a flat plank of wood – it looks too pale, too plain, it needs something more.

Of course the senior under-gardeners and the Spice Girls asked to come too – they love The Wild Wood, natural fossicking terrain for would-be 'jungle fowl'.

They found plenty to do in the pile of leaf mould; I did a tail count from time to time – they know of a way to get to the vegetable garden from The Wild Wood!

I didn't have a plan before I started painting the seat, but the dappled sunlight and shadows of the yew leaves gave me an idea – I'd record the moment and the light and shadow would mix with the leaves and golden sunlight I was painting . . .

As the paint fades over time I'll paint more shadows and sun dapples – layer on layer, dappled sunlight and shadows.


  1. Hello from another fan of the dappling of light. How it can cause an eye to linger and be bedazzled.

    Think that your painting is capturing that magic!

    The spice girls do make me laugh.


  2. That looks beautiful Celia. The dappled light is so pretty. Those naughty Spice Girls... I haven't dared let mine have free range of the garden yet!

  3. What a beautiful way to capture a memory of a sunny summer day.

  4. what a wonderful idea (for the seat!) nice to have a handy husband close by. The Ladies certainly are alert as they enter the wild wood--no lions, tigers, or bears i trust, Ladies?

  5. The murmured song of wood pigeons and dappled light. Summer perfect.

  6. Hi Celia, thank you so much for your kind comments on my new blog! I've been following your blog for the past year now and am very excited to become part of the global community of veggie bloggers!

    Again, much thanks!
    Thomas from agrowingtradition.com

  7. Hi Celia

    The images and sounds are beautiful. Thank you.

  8. Lovely images of a dappled summers day. Your lady gardeners must be in hen heaven.

  9. I too ADORE the effect of light dappling on anything. That bench is going to be divine. How wonderful to see the under gardeners (love those gals)


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