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Sunday, 26 July 2009

A butterfly summer

summer•shorts no:05

Leeks left to go to seed attract all kinds of beneficial insects to the vegetable garden, and butterflies love them too.

The resident Comma butterfly with its artfully 'ragged' wings has been joined by a beautiful Painted Lady – is she one of the 20 million or more, which made their amazing migration to Britain from North Africa this summer or one of their first off-spring?


  1. We've seen both here too, and lots of speckled wood and gatekeepers on our usual walk. They seem to have been late comers this year though.

  2. Nice photo of these two butterflies. Here in the southeastern US we also see Painted Ladies, some years just a handful if any and others by the hundreds. Never have we had them like you are getting them this year.

  3. Hi Celia,
    I think if she's very smart and a bit smaller than usual (comparing her with the Comma) then she's this year's native hatch. I'm starting to find lots of new Painted Ladies about the place and have recently had a huge number of Peacocks which is very encouraging.

  4. Stunning photo Celia. My friend's buddleia was encrusted with Peacock butterflies when we visited last week. There do seem to be a healthy flutterby population this year x

  5. The P.Lady is more than likely a british born specimen.
    Well captured shot, Celia.

  6. Thank you for capturing that natural beauty for us to see.

    So far, I just haven't come across any special butterflies in Central Park. We've had a mostly cool and rainy summer; could that be the reason?

    Best wishes.

  7. My leek heads are rather top heavy this year, but I do like to have them in the garden. You have done well to capture two species of butterfly on one leek head! I have lots of painted ladies and commas in the garden this year too. x

  8. Great photo Celia! I got to see the migration of the western US Painted Lady population this spring. I've never seen a Comma before, they have such interesting wings, very pretty.

  9. Hi Veg Heaven - it's the best year for butterflies I can remember!

    Hi Randy - butterflies are under threat here as their ecosystems are being destroyed, seeing a slight resurgence is uplifting :-)

    Thanks Wendy - yes, I think the Painted Ladies we're seeing now are this year's new hatch.

    Hi Silverpebble - Peacock's are beautiful, good to know you've been enjoying watching the butterflies too.

    Hi and thanks Dean :-)

    Hi Frances - July was a tad damp, but here in East Anglia it's not been too bad - August is picking up, so we can't complain this year!

    Hi Louise - leek flowers are lovely for attracting the insects.

    Hi Michelle - I love Commas, they are also rather mysterious as even the experts aren't sure where they hide over winter only to reappear in Spring!



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