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Thursday, 30 July 2009

Ginger's hoard

summer•shorts no:06

There has been a distinct lack of pastel blue/green eggs, I haven't been able to supply friends with their regular boxes of half a dozen mixed colours and sizes – the disappointment and realisation that they would have to buy eggs that weren't quite as tasty, was visible on their faces :-(

Nutmeg Spice has been broody again and Saffron Spice has started her first moult – that would explain things wouldn't it? . . . but! wait a moment – it's the pale sage green egg that I haven't seen in the egg tray for some time. Ginger Spice! what's she been up to? I can't remember seeing her sitting in the nest box for days. When we were on holiday in May, Ginger Spice was so annoyed by Saffron and Nutmeg in their broody-mood refusing to leave the nest-box, that she laid her eggs elsewhere – I wonder? I'll just check . . .

. . . under the privet hedge in front of the patio, right against the house wall – Ginger's hoard! (sigh)


  1. poor ginger! found out--now where will she lay??

  2. I expect I've got all this to come with my new hens, but at the moment they queue nicely for the nest box!

  3. I expect they are STILL fresher than shop eggs!

  4. I know a farmer who kept waiting for her young pullets to lay. The birds were kept on pasture with a chicken tractor complete with nesting boxes. The girls had all laid their eggs in the stone walls surrounding the field and managed to hatch chicks before the farmer figured it out! The farmer now uses electric poultry netting fencing inside the stone walls....

  5. so nice of her to lay them somewhere you might find them!

  6. Thank you for your kind comments at my blog - its nice to find a "local" fellow blogger!
    I love the names of your hens and the colours of their eggs are delightful. Well done Ginger - is she playing hide and seek I wonder!

  7. I am envious of your neighbours getting multi-coloured egg collections! How wonderful! Tikka and Korma have been slowing down production recently.

  8. Hi Petoskystone - she'll do as she'd told and lay in the nest-box - I have to keep control of the flock ;-)

    Hi Chrissie - your hens sound delightful, it's our new girls, the Spice Girls, who cause the trouble!

    Hi Veg Heaven - how true, they were fine - one I knew was freshly laid (still warm), two were scrambled for lunch, three went in the Tuscan Plum Tart, ooops! I dropped the last one on the floor!

    Hi Terry - great story!

    Hi Jacqui - next time I just know she'll try harder to deceive!

    Hi Cottage Garden - welcome to PPPs. Ginger is a very special hen :-)

    Hi Matron - I can tell you love having Tikka and Korma to stay! They deserve little rest from laying every day.



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