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Sunday, 4 January 2009

Walking home

After what seems to be too long in the house and with too little exercise, Cliff and I decided a walk was in order. The temperature may be zero (feels like -6C with wind chill) but we have long-johns, warm jackets, gloves, socks, hats and sturdy boots. We drove to a nearby village and stode out across the fields spangled with frosty thistle stars . . .

After a few miles we decided that instead of turning back and retracing our steps, we'd walk all the way home and collect the car later.

earth stood hard as iron

water like a stone

but in the hedges
signs of Spring


  1. the thistle star is beautiful! nice to see the hedges beginning to think of spring.

  2. I have a terrible habit of doing just that! We start out on a short walk, and I say - let's just go a bit further. My children have started refusing to come with me now :(
    Happy New Year!

  3. Happy New Year!

    Beautiful photos, nothing beats a cold winter walk.

    All the best for 2009

  4. Happy New Year! I wish I'd gone on a long walk, instead of languishing in bed with a hangover. Next year...

  5. today I'm inside the house with all the curtains and blinds drawn, doors closed from the searing hot day outside, trying to calm my bush fire anxieties. The girls are standing very very still in the shade panting. So strange then to see pics of your walk - all frosty and cold. I know where I'd rather be - waltzing (sorry, tangoing) with the under gardeners in the snow!!

  6. We are so fortunate to have all this lovely countryside on our doorstep. Like you, we are not put off by the weather and enjoy being out and about at any time of year. x


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