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Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Dancing in the snow


Keep practising girls!


  1. I love the pattern! I can just see them tangoing around the garden.

  2. Gosh I've tried to follow those foot steps and almost fell over... what clever chickens you have!

  3. Looks like that was some hen party.

    I like your hat (below).

    I keep wondering how your neighbour is doing,the one who's house burnt down?

    By the way, I hung your printed ornaments, angels and bears, on some bare branches, sprayed gold, festooned with tiny white lights. They were much admired.

  4. LOL!!! Ah that cracked me up Celia v. funny!

  5. I remember at junior school we used to make plaster of paris casts of footprints. Do you think it would work on snow?

  6. SO funny - I just wish we had some snow here


  7. Ha ha! I think some of the children made much the same pattern on our pavements ...

  8. So funny and very well observed!

  9. Such an original photo. The girls are so talented, maybe Dancing on Ice comes next! x


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