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Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Notes from a small island

Last week Cliff and I sneaked away to a place that's warm and sunny . . .

with jagged black cliffs and crashing ocean waves

and amazing giant plants with beautiful swaying flower arches.

We visited interesting places, like the Silk Museum where we saw these gorgeous shimmering skeins all coloured with traditional plant dyes.

There are thousands upon thousands of these . . .

and every town had a Spa we could go to ;-)

Mile after mile of majestic pine forests and deep mysterious ravines . . .

and breathtaking views!

We spent the week exploring the zigzag roads and precipitous footpaths of La Palma and had a great time :-) I was a Fen Tiger out of her natural environment and descending some of the slopes challenged my recently recovered tummy muscles. I took my sketch book and didn't do any sketching – but the wind blowing over Pico Fuente Nueva and Roque de Los Muchachos has blown the cobwebs away and I'm back in my spring-cleaned studio ready to face 2009.


  1. amazing photos! What a great break from the ice and snow. I'm jealous!!

  2. How wonderful, I'm jealous too!

  3. Much more dramatic than my flat views over the Humber! I'm sure it did you loads of good.

  4. Wow that looks gorgeous there and a lot warmer than the little island I live on too :o( lol

  5. It looks stunning! Warm too I imagine.

  6. Awesome pictures. And sounds like you are back and raring to go.

  7. That first photo is fantastic. They are all wonderful. But that first one. Wow.

  8. How wonderful to leave England for just a few days of warm sunshine. I too am a fan of those lovely, volcanic islands in the Atlantic.

  9. Looks like a gem of a place and how wonderful for you to visit it in winter! Beautiful photos!
    Nan from snowy Maine

  10. Spa in every town indeed! What a giggle. It looks like you both had a good rest; those silks are stunning, did you bring any back?

  11. You JAMMY things! Looks amazing.


  12. Hi Jacqui - I can recommend La Palma for a week of winter sunshine

    Acornmoon and Vegetable Heaven - it was wonderful to go somewhere so different from Suffolk in January!

    Hi Jane and Gina - lovely to warm our toes in the sun :-)

    Threadspider - 2009 starts here...

    Thank you Wendy - there were so many dramatic views

    Matron - it looked like somewhere you'd love!

    Nan - it would be far to hot for me in summer

    Hi Toffeeapple - we had fun Spa' spotting ;-)

    Hi David - a holiday long waited for and much appreciated!


  13. La Palma looks amazing, I would love to visit, and must investigate when I can, one for the future definitely. You look to have had a fantastic time and great photos too, we seem to have a similar eye, and interests. Must go, another pile of washing and ironing to do! x


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