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Sunday, 21 September 2008

Oooooh... I do like to be beside the seaside!

This is where we went for lunch yesterday . . .
Cromer on the North Norfolk coast, that's the North Sea (yes, really!!!!)
as flat as a mill pond.
and yes – THE SUN WAS SHINING!!!!!!!
Of course we had Cromer crab salad at the Wellington Hotel.

After lunch we went to Felbrigg Hall.
We had tea and cake and then explored the gorgeous walled garden.
It gets better every time I visit! There are now white doves living in the beautiful red brick dovecote and some very very lucky bantams residing in the vegetable garden!

A clich̩ to say 'I was tired but happy' Рbut I slept until 11am this morning!


  1. What a blissful day out! The sea, sunshine and Cromer crab - can it get any better.

  2. Oh you lucky thing! I adore Norfolk and Cromer crab is the lovliest thing to eat. Consider me jealous!

  3. The tractirs are fantastic! We went to Bournemouth this week, and there really is nothing quite like being by the seaside in the sun.

  4. Love Norfolf - I used to go to Mablethorp and Cromer on business and wander down to the sea in my business dress. Then I'd take my shoes off and paddle. People must have thought I was mad!

  5. Ahhh where the crabs come from! I envy you your lunch. xx


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