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Monday, 8 September 2008

Bring me sunshine . . . pleeeeease!

We have four large squash, six cobs of corn, and a good harvest of beans.
Looking at the Met Office stats for August 2008 it's amazing that
we had anything at all to harvest!
"SUNSHINE: The provisional total for the month is 115.9 hours, which is 67% of the 1961-1990 average. Dullest August in series back to 1929. Previous dullest was 1954, when 123.7 hours was recorded."


  1. Hasn't it been grim? I'm still surprised at how many tomatoes we've had. Greenhouse that is, the allotment ones were blighted. Those beans look interesting - what variety are they?

  2. We sure could do with a bit of sun. Your pumpkin looks a amazing, I hope you are going to paint it.

  3. We went from spring to autumn in the blink of an eye. Hoping for some lovely autumn days. The badgers destroyed most of my sweetcorn, so it's good to see yours.

  4. I can't believe that the figures are so poor this year. Now I know whats been wrong with me - a case of SAD in the summer!

  5. Glad to see you managed a few squash. I've only had three courgettes from three plants - all the other females have turned yellow with cold and died. Surely that has to be some kind of courgette non-productivity record? Roll on autumn.

  6. My veg have been rubbish this year, yours look wonderful. It is sooooo wet in our Welsh garden.

  7. Veg Heaven - the beans are the lovely Ukrainian climbing bean 'Poletschka' from the Heritage Seed Library. I'll swap for some Lancashire Lad peas.

    Acornmoon - it's definitely worth painting!

    Threadspider - a very small sweetcorn harvest but delicious!

    Rhiannon - the lack of sun has made the summer very gloomy.

    Organic Viking - our courgettes have done much better this year, but definitely not a glut!

    Hi Samantha - welcome to PPPs! Looking at the weather reports East Anglia has got away lightly this summer compared to Wales and we've have had a few sunny days. Luckily early in the season the weather was glorious and set us up for a passable harvest.



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