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Wednesday, 10 September 2008

I spy grapes!

Sylvie loves grapes and she knows where to find them!
Despite the sunless summer the 'Rondo' vine has produced
a fine crop of juicy, sweet, black grapes.

Sylvie can eat a grape in the blink of an eye!


  1. Discerning lady! Does she like fermented grape juice too? Perhaps a nice merlot?

  2. The lady has style. Hope she leaves you some.

  3. Those grapes look yummy!
    Our hens are swiping all the lower runner beans!

  4. Oh dear, for a second the unworthy thought crossed my mind 'I wonder what grape fed chicken tastes like'...

    We have a vine and tiny grapes, but nothing like yours!

  5. I loved this picture, it made me giggle!

    Thought I would pop by to thank you for all the kind wishes you left for me, and to say (somewhat belatedly, for which I am sorry), that you are making a good recovery too.

    Very best,


  6. Hi, I hope you are on the road to recovery. I love your chicken, I have just finished a chicken textile design, yours would have made a great model!

    What a nice life your hens have.

  7. Sylvia is skilled.
    Excellent bird - but the challenge is - can you capture that split second beak open moment on camera?

  8. Hello

    Although I read a lot of blogs, sometimes I begin to think they form the blogging universe and I break out and do a little blog-hopping to see what else it out there - so I arrive here . . . attracted by the title of your blog.

    And I'm glad I came - and delighted by the eclectic nature of your posts.

    Will be back.

    Lucy Corrander

  9. Silverpebble - crikey, a tipsy under-gardener, I'm not sure I could cope with that!!!

    Gina - Sylvie is a very very clever hen!

    Threadspider - she's had a good number of the low level bunches, still lots for us.

    Karen - the little scallywags!!!!

    pg - how very dare you!!!!! However there are some classic French recipes for chicken with grapes :)

    Zoe - Sylvie's delighted that her antics made you giggle - laughter is great therapy!

    Acornmoon - don't they just! they live the life of Riley! I'd love to see your chicken fabric.

    GBVC - Sylvie is the fastest grape snaffler in Suffolk!!! I tried to get that perfect shot - hens are incredibly hard to photograph in action!!!!!

    Hi Lucy - welcome to PPPs – 'an eclectic mix' nicely sums up my life! Come back soon :)


  10. ah Celia! It was lovely to find this (belatedly) tonight. Clever girl!! And terrific photos too by the way. Our girls love grapes but they'll have to wait a while before they are picking them so skillfully off the vine like Sylvie. Hope you are on the mend and to PG: I'm shocked!! :)


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