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Saturday, 13 September 2008

The dragon slayer

In the still, early-autumn, evening garden the dragon hunted – to and fro.
Then the dragon hunter leaped and danced and pounced
with strong ginger paws, sickle-claws and strong jaws –
he slayed the dragon.


  1. It gives the impresson of a wary expression.


  2. Well I hope you are going to draw it now it is still, then it's fight will not be in vain! There does seem to have been rather a lot of dragonflies this year, or maybe it's just the right time of year for them?

  3. What a terrific photo! (Is Chester going to have it framed?)

  4. Poor dragonfly, but what an amazing picture!

  5. I love dragon flies! How sad :(

    I know what those naughty dragon slayers can do. Our tabby one, in the twilight last night leapt over a metre in the air to try and catch low flying bats!!

  6. Wow what a picture!

  7. I have done a little Etsy favourites showcase on my site with your shop, hope you like it.

  8. Oh, poor dragon but beautifully captured. Cats do what cats have to do...

  9. The ginger studio assistant loves to chase dragonflies, and this year there have been lots in the garden. I would normally have intervened before he could pounce, but I'm not able to spring up from a sun lounger at the moment - so had to watch the inevitable outcome.

    Adult dragonflies have very short lives - so let's hope this male Southern Hawker had enjoyed most of his two months on the wing!



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