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Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Zingy Zinnias

Zinnias – my favourite summer cut flowers,
in a little green glazed pot from Languedoc.


  1. So pleased that you have survived the op and are back safe and sound!

    Zinnias are gorgeous flowers. Lovely splash of colour on a rainy day.

  2. Those are very very pretty - offset perfectly by that lovely jug. I reckon pottering around the garden is very therapeutic and will lead to the release of feel-good hormones that will speed your recovery even further.

  3. How beautiful - therapy indeed!

  4. Lovely flowers, in fab. jug

  5. They are so beautiful, I wonder if they would grow well here, I'll have to find out what 'zone'they are. The pot is great, I love French pottery but don't have any pieces myself... yet!

    Hope you're healing well.

  6. These are enough to brighten up any girl's day. I hope the road to recovery is a fast one. x

  7. CS - I am too!!!!

    Silverpebble - I'm hoping for good weather so I can spend lots of time outdoors

    Thanks Gina and Karen!

    Artslice - I think you should be able to grow Zinnias. Sow seed indoors and plant out after the last frost. Keep picking the flowers and they bloom until the frosts of autumn

    Louise - I'm able to to do a little more each day, but have to be patient!



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