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Monday, 18 August 2008

The best thing . . .

The best thing that I did today was to walk to my vegetable garden in the sunshine and to pick three ripe Cambridge Gages for my lunch.


  1. Wonderful to hear you are up and walking in your garden already Celia - the sunshine and gages are just a bonus. Keep getting plenty of rest!

  2. So fab to see that you're already doing such lovely things in the garden! Take it easy. Loving PPP Lite! Simple and tasty-looking!

  3. You have just brought back a wonderful memory. The house where I grew up had an enormous garden with many, many fruit trees. We had an enormous greengage tree. Nothing quite like it, and in my opinion sweeter than plums.

  4. Well, if you continue along this path you'llbe back in the hurly-burly before we know it.
    And gages are a memory for me, too. Today, dashing in to return library books, I saw Rumer Godden's "Green Gage Summer" so I wonder...what will be the third gage?

  5. Gina - little walks are about the only activity allowed this week.

    Silverpebble - the ginger studio assistant is teaching me how to chill!

    Matron - you're absolutely right - there's nothing like a honey-sweet greengage warmed by the sun and eaten straight from the tree!

    Moreidlethoughts - it will be a few weeks before I'm up and running, but I've taken the first steps. Did you find another greengage?

  6. Greengages are delicious. I haven't had one in years. Must look out for some. x


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