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Friday, 1 August 2008

Partial solar eclipse

10.15am in the garden.

Viewing the partial solar eclipse in a dish of water.
The little glowing blue shape is a reversed image of
the crescent sun reflected from the base of the dish.


  1. Wonderful. Last time we had a decent eclipse (I think it was total) round here was the year we moved house (1999.) We moved in September and the eclipse was in August. At the totality I was digging up some daffodils that I'd bought on holiday a few years previously and wanted to take with me. Eclipses now make me think of daffoldils!

  2. Celia, what a clever idea. This photo is a great keepsake of the event. I am always very excited when a partial eclipse occurs. x

  3. What a great way to watch the eclipse. I'll have to remeber this for next time.

  4. Just fascinating! I still have my eclipse goggles from about 10 years ago! should have got them out today.

  5. That's a very good photograph and a good way to watch an eclipse.

  6. Veg heaven - we went down to Devon to see the 1999 toatal eclipse - very special.

    Louise - I didn't realise that I taken such a good image until I viewed it on the big screen.

    Jules - thank you!

    Threadspider - it was special indeed!

    Matron - we've got our 1999 eclipse goggles too, but they are stuck in a holiday journal.

    Gina - I thought the experiment had failed until I enlarged the photo!

    Moreidlethoughts - I was pleased with the effect of the clouds and sun and the little blue crescent sun!



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