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Sunday, 24 August 2008

Monster munch

While my back was turned . . .
munch munch munch munch munch munch munch
caterpillars ate the Cavolo Nero for lunch!


  1. oh! :( where are those undergardeners when you need them?

  2. Yes - were the girls elsewhere? Hope they've now had a juicy snack to exact a little revenge.

  3. The little villains! Doesn't take long does it?

  4. For something that crawls so slowly, they certainly devour vegetation quickly, don't they? It looks like we both posted about a similar event today!

  5. Hmm, that looks quite a lot like my kale! Good luck with persuading the undergardeners to do some 'target snacking'!

  6. And overnight Down Under, a possum ate half of a big, still-green tomato.
    Nice to see you're up to strolling around and posting.

  7. EEEEK! That's horror picture!

    Blooming caterpillars, they are greedy little devils.

  8. Annoying! get squishing! A beautiful photograph, nevertheless!

  9. Hi everyone!

    The under gardeners have been banned from this corner of the veg patch because they prefer to eat the grapes which are right nextdoor to the Cavolo Nero!!!!!

    I've had to sacrifice the Kale to the caterpillars this year :(


  10. How disappointing! All that waiting...

  11. They must be very appreciative. The very same has happened to my beautiful nasturtiums! x

  12. That photo is going to give me nightmares tonight! LOL!


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