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Friday, 14 March 2008

One year of blogging!

A year ago I wrote the first posting on my new blog Purple Podded Peas. I had no preconceptions, I was just curious about how blogs worked and as I like the idea of a diary but have never kept one going for more than a week, maybe this would be good way of recording work in progress in my studio and garden.

I didn't realise how enjoyable it was going to be! I love reading all your comments, thank you for taking the time. The most stylish Oscar acceptance speeches are short – so I'll just say "Here's to the next year of blogging!" . . .

In the greenhouse the Purple Podded Peas are growing. This year not only the home saved seeds of Pea 'Purple Podded', but three other purple podded varieties: 'Victorian Purple Podded', my choice from this year's Heritage Seed Library catalogue. 'Carruthers' Purple Podded', an Irish pea with beautiful flowers was a seed swap from Rebsie of Daughter of the Soil who also sent me another Irish purple podded pea, 'Clarke's Belthony Blue'. I was thrilled when Rebsie offered to swap some her her amazing pea varieties, the one I had my eye on was the 'Salmon Flowered Pea', I sowed them yesterday in a pot in the greenhouse. Yes there's more (for those who thought peas came in three varieties – frozen, tinned and mushy – this obsession with peas will seem close to madness) 'Golden Sweet' is alleged to be one of the peas used by the pioneer of plant genetics Gregor Mendal, I grew it in 2006 and it didn't do well, in 2007 I found one little plant growing among the Broad Beans, the seeds I sowed yesterday were from that plant. And – 'Carouby de Mausanne', if you only grow one pea try this French mange tout, definely the best I've ever grown.

This is the first of a new series of digital illustrations that I'm working on, The Heritage Vegetable Collection from Magic Cochin, cards and prints will be for sale on my stall at the Reach Arts & Crafts Fair on Saturday 5th April.

Pea 'Purple Podded'
© Celia Hart


  1. Happy blog birthday Celia!
    I have enjoyed reading your entries and hope there's many more to come!

  2. Happy Blogday, Celia! I am so glad your cyber diary is lasting better than your inky attempt!
    (By the way, if you are interested in a print exchange the info is in my previous post.)

  3. Happy Birthday Celia, what a great obsession to have 'Purple Podded Peas'! I love your sketch of your chooks and kitties. I think you will do very well with your new range of cards, they are so colourful and bright. Here's to another year of peas! x

  4. Happy Birthday Purple Podded Peas.

    I love your blog. Well written and always inspiring. My heart always lifts when I see that you've written a new post.

    Thanks for your blog. It's a joy.

  5. Happy birthday! I enjoy your blog so much, you are an inspiration! Thank you.

  6. Congratulations on one year of blogging Celia. It really is a pleasant experience, isn't it?

    I love the new series of cards you've created and wish you grand success as you begin to sell them. There is no doubt they'll be popping off the table just as readily as the seeds themselves germinate in well tended soil!

    May the year ahead be full of germinations :-)


  7. Thanks to you I am now on a mission to get some purple podded peas for our garden! It's proving to be more difficult than I anticipated--I'm going to have to order something via catalogue! Happy blog birthday!!!

  8. Nicisme - thank you, I'm so pleased you enjoy your visits to Purple Podded Peas

    Dinahmow - I'm amazed how addictive blogging is!

    Louise - I'm looking forward to seeing all the peas grow! Have a look at Rebsie's blog to see her amazing pea breeding experiments!

    CS - Thank you! I love dropping in to see what your daily blog post has been.

    Toffeeapple - it's a pleasure!

    Diane - isn't blogging fun - I had no idea! I love seeing your snowy pictures and reading about your creative ideas.

    WWA - you'll probably track some down. In the UK they were taken off the official list so it was actually illegal to sell Purple Podded Peas!!! I think a purple podded variety is now available again, but the heritage varieties have to be distributed for free to members of the Heritage Seed Library or 'swapped' to get round this law. Daft or what!!!

  9. Happy Blog Birthday Celia! That first year goes quick, doesn't it? By the way I love your new illustration style!

  10. Happy Birthday indeed! I mirror some of your sentiments on starting a blog. I had no idea how great it would be, and I was kind of pushed into it by someone else! Really great to have a year by year garden diary to hand to see what worked last year, and when things bloomed and harvested.

  11. Happy blog birthday, Celia! LOVE the pea image. It's gorgeous!

  12. What a lovely site!! And I am entirely smitten with the first in your Heritage Vegetable Collection. How might a gardener from Minnesota, USA make a purchase?

    Happy Anniversary by the way. I just started blogging in February; and I too wondered how long I could keep it up. And now I've hardly missed a day. I'm totally addicted, deeply gratified, and feel in touch with a community I didn't even know existed. Very cool!

    Here's to many more years to come!


  13. Congrats are turning one!


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