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Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Capturing memories

In the days before I owned a digital camera, I enjoyed collecting my holiday photos and spending a few evenings sticking them in an album along with tickets, menus and maps. But now my photos are digital I sometimes burn a DVD or save a selection onto a memory stick to show a slide show on a digital photo-frame, but I missed sorting through all the ephemeral bits and pieces and telling the story of our adventures.

After our recent weekend in Carcassonne I decided to make a miniature album using this beautifully hand-bound journal that I bought from Gina of Fan My Flame. I printed contact sheets of all the holiday photos and chopped up tickets and leaflets.

Two happy evening cutting and sticking . . .

. . . a miniature book of memories.


  1. Indeed, a lovely memento. I am filling my birthday book with odd sketches and bits n pieces. And one day, I'll gather all those ancient, crumbling photos and do the same with them.The rest? File in WPB!

  2. That was so exciting seeing how you've used the little book! It looks very special. I've just bought a beautiful book from Karen Jinks and have now got to decide how to use it!

  3. I think what you have done is a lovely idea. We have all our photos stored on the PC, and we still haven't got around to backing them up on disc. We would be so surprised if we lost the lot? Don't you find we don't find enough time to do this sort of thing nowadays. John had a holiday journal for his birthday in January, and we really must get all of our Oz holidays memories written up, before we forget them. It is good you have these lovely memories to look back on. x

  4. How lovely, so beautiful

    Thanks for sharing

  5. As much as I love my digital cameras and the flexibility and ease they give, I kind of miss the fact that I don't seem to have as many photo albums. Need to make more effort now a mantra - I must have millions of snaps stashed on my laptop!


  6. Dinahmow - your birthday book sounds delightful

    Gina - your little book perfectly suits our weekend in Languedoc - thank you!

    Louise - I like your Oz holiday blog. You must have dozens of digital pics! I found printing out the sheets of 'contacts' really useful.

    Thank you Joanna!

    David - albums are much more special than a DVD!


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