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Monday, 24 March 2008

Snow and (lemon) drizzle!

Not quite the traditional Easter image . . . but the forecast was spot on! This was the under-gardeners house seen through a blizzard on Easter Sunday morning!!!

Safely protected from the English spring weather (in our bedroom) we have a small lemon tree.
On Saturday we harvested our first ripe lemon . . .

. . . and used it to make a Lemon Drizzle Cake for Easter Sunday tea time.



  1. Fabulous to be making lemon drizzle from your own lemons ... well done :)

    Love the look of your little hen house - where did it come from? We need a smaller house, and that looks lovely ...


  2. A lemon tree! and in your bedroom. Well, if you can do it... I'm going to try it. And the cake too! Thanks!

  3. About half an hour ago I picked two lemons...from the garden.
    Now that is exactly the sort of chookenarium we need. I shall show The Man when he returns from the coal face.
    Hope your weather picks up soon.

  4. A lemon tree in your bedroom - how fantastic! Especially with a lemon that you got to use. Looks like good cake!

  5. Those home grown lemons are out of this world, aren't they? I used my first one on Christmas Day last year to have with my gin and tonic!

  6. How marvellous! I know you must have felt so special to be able to pick your lemon and then make a tasty cake with it.

  7. Oh, a real lemon - wonderful! Envy and admiration combined; I am tempted to try it myself if I can fit one in.

  8. Celia, this is a great post, and great title! Honestly I can't believe you had all that snow, it was very cold down here in Sussex, but only hailstorm showers for us. And a lemon tree in your bedroom with a really significant looking fruit on, and enough to make a delicious lemon drizzle cake. This is marvellous and must have made your Easter, it has made mine! x

  9. Thank you everyone for your compliments about our home grown lemon. I have to admit the tree had little lemons on it when I bought it for Cliff's Christmas present. We had to find a cool bright place for it to spend the winter - and the bedroom seemed the best place – this also means we don't ignore it and it gets watered and misted regularly. It now has some beautiful fragrant white flowers and lots of buds, so fingers crossed there will be more lemons in production.


    PS do try the cake, it's so easy to make and it's yummy!

  10. glory be! A lemon tree in your bedroom. This is just too delightful for words!



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