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Sunday, 20 January 2008

Looking through lenses

Yesterday I collected my new spectacles from the opticians – yes, I've been advised to wear specs for close work and reading. My designer specs are being modelled for you by one of my beautiful Winter Festival squash.

The book was my Christmas present from Cliff - 'Secret Knowledge' by David Hockney. There was so much controversy when David Hockney first published his ideas about how painters in the past probably made use of lenses and mirrors as an aid to making accurate "photographic" images, rather than purely "eyeballing" (Hockey's word) the subject. I think it makes a good deal of sense and it is so refreshing to look at paintings in the company of an artist rather than an academic art historian. The reproductions of paintings in this book are outstanding and Hockney's observations are down to earth and backed up by his own experiments in using the optical devices. This is a fascinating book.

You may have noticed a statuesque hen and cockerel through the window - these were another (surprise) Christmas present. The under-gardeners were slightly nervous of them at first, but they now know the new-comers aren't competitors for the food so completely ignore them!


  1. Lucky you, on both counts. I need new glasses but they are so expensive!

    Hockney is just so right about lenses in the past,I envy you his book, must get to the library to see if they have it.

  2. Hi there
    Just found your blog on a google search whilst researching my new project for 2008, I think I'm going to be very inspired by what you have posted. Will def stop be again for a longer read and am gonna add you to me blog-roll if you don't mind

  3. The book sounds fascinating... one to put on the list!
    I got my first glasses about four years ago - my arms weren't long enough to hold things at a distance I could read!

  4. I am a Hockney fan too! Have you been to his gallery in the old mill at Saltaire in Yorkshire? BTW some seeds arrived in the post this morning, thank you.

  5. great sense of humour with the lenses on the pumpkin. I adore the pair of roosters out of doors. I found your post on Hockney quite fascinating though I'm still in awe over your last post on layering!

    Diane Sand to Glass

  6. The Hockney book sounds fascinating. I love the new pets!

  7. It took me a moment to focus on the squash with glasses since my eyes were drawn to the new hen and cockerel. The glasses look great- there comes a time when it isn't possible to put off buying glasses for reading, embroidery etc.

    The Hockey book looks really interesting...

  8. We laughed so much at this photograph! Thanks.

    The book looks interesting. I've always had a bit of a soft spot for Hockney.


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