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Sunday, 9 December 2007

Quick! - we've just got time . . .

Yesterday I suddenly realised that if I didn't go to see the Richard Bawden exhibition at Gainsborough's House in Sudbury right away I would miss it! Richard Bawden is well-known as a skilled printmaker and designer – I love his strength of line, pattern and witty observation.

Nearly 3.30pm and we'd been shopping for most of the day, but if we're quick we'll have time! It was dark and rainy as we drove into Sudbury town centre, the traders were packing their vans in the market place, but hurray! there was a free parking place in the street right outside Gainsborough's House it was just after 4pm – almost an hour to enjoy the exhibition.

I felt revived and inspired - those joyful images of cosy cats on patterned rugs and rambling Suffolk gardens; glass bowls engraved with prancing cats and swooping owls; a garden bench with dodos beak to beak; subtle shaded etchings of trees and fading flowers. If you have the time the exhibition continues until Christmas Eve.

Back home – time for tea (dinner? supper?) - whatever – we're hungry and need food quickly! I'm sharing this recipe with Freddie and Charlotte of The Great Big Vegetable Challenge, for their Q is for Quick Veg Quest.


  1. Thanks for the Bawden link.I've seen his work in magazines and would love to really "see" it in a place like this!
    And the presto pesto just might be Wednesday supper when I'm home alone.

  2. This is perfect - time is of the essence...
    I love the layout.
    I must find out how you did that.
    Thank you
    Charlotte and Freddie

  3. oops sorry, I just realized I didn't have your home-page bookmarked; instead I had the meme bookmarked. Great to read your most recent posts (if you read my last message this will make sense :~). Isn't that a wonderful feeling to become rejuvenated and inspired from someone else? I'm going to check out the Bawden link.

    Diane, Sand to Glass

  4. Wow!! This is a masterpiece. You are an truly an artistic culinary genius.

    p.s. I'm reading the Bill Bryson book that you suggested. It is entertaining but I feel like I'm missing a lot (probably half) as I do not know London or the surrounding area well. I still look fwd to reading it each night. Thanks for the suggestion! :-)

  5. Sounds like a great exhibition, I am so pleased you made it. I must confess to having little knowledge on art, but I do appreciate good works. Thanks for this link, these prints are fantastic, I especially like the Cardew Bowl, I love all aspects of art pottery so this one is definitely me. x

  6. I love the way that you have laid out the ingredients. They look as delicious as the dish!

    I have awarded you the True Blue award today, for services to blogging!

  7. Hi Dinahmow - Richard Bawden's work is a joy.

    Hi Charlotte & Freddie - I hope you enjoy the PPP. I cheat with these layouts and put them together in photoshop then upload it as a single image. Not really very good in a blog as search engines won't find the content.

    Hi Diane - I love how I can revisit Soooke via your blog.

    Thanks Ed!

    Hi Meg - when you get to Chapter 14 you'll read about my corner of this Small Island. Bill Bryson describes his visit to Reach, the venue for the Arts and Crafts Fairs I've featured here. He isn't very taken by Cambridge - it has changed so much in recent years and this afternoon the market was bustling with happy shoppers and Christmas music!

    Hi Louise - Richard Bawden works in ceramics and engraved glass too so this was a real treat.

    Oooohh thank you Fiona - I'm touched!

  8. Oh, I do look fwd to reading each night so will think of you when I read chapter 14! :-)


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