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Thursday, 20 December 2007

Merry Christmas!

Magic Cochin Productions present a seasonal slide show to delight and entertain you at this festive time . . .

Wishing you all health and happiness
Celia x


  1. Merry Christmas to you and yours this holiday season.

  2. This was fun to watch - the studio assistants and the under-gardeners always make me smile. And I love your Christmas decorations and your boots!!

    The Hellebore is a beautiful colour... I wish I had one like that.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!!

  3. Thanks Celia for the lovely comment left on my blog, fancy spending time on my blog in your teabreak, I hope you have time to drink your coffee? Your slideshow is terrific, what a clever idea, I really enjoyed watching it, reminded me of Bagpuss! I look forward to many more of your original posts in 2008, Happy Christmas to you all. Louise x

  4. That was wonderful, and quite unexpected! I really enjoyed it. My favourite pic was the paw prints in the frost!

  5. Merry, Merry Christmas to you ... such a wonderful slide show. I love your hens. It's such fun to visit your blog.

  6. what a lovely video! Thank you for taking the time to do it. Enjoy your Christmas!

  7. What a lovely show! I felt a bit of a dunce, as my effort is simply images lifted from Google!
    Have a lovely Christmas, however you have it and good wishes for the year to come.

  8. Thank you Celia, that made me smile!

    Happy Christmas to all of you!

  9. Hi Celia,
    this was fun and beautiful to watch ... I also liked it in color. Cheers!

    p.s. I liked the mantel shot.

  10. hi there celia, 'fraid my computer wouldn't let me watch the vid. but i just wanted to wish you a happy christmas and new year, have a lovely time! all the best, nĂ 

  11. Merry Christmas! I hope that you and your family will have a wonderful day and also best wishes for 2008.


  12. Lovely slide show Celia. I have some of your decorations hanging on my tree - they look fabulous. Hope you've had a happy Christmas.

  13. Happy Christmas to you too!
    I thoroughly enjoyed watching this.


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