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Friday, 6 February 2015

Eric lived here!

Never believe everything weather forecasters say . . . yes it was chilly, yes it was cold in the wind BUT LOOK it is SUNNY! the sky is BLUE . . .

Let's go for a walk . . .

After working this morning (there are a few photos on Instagram) and needing to visit somewhere after lunch we found ourselves in Castle Hedingham this afternoon. 

I'd printed off a walking route and we set off along the north Essex farm tracks . . .

. . . and sunken lanes glowing in the sunshine

About an hour and half later we were back in the village 

I wonder who lived in this elegant brick house near to where we parked the car?

OH! well well!

And just around the corner from Eric Ravilious's former home is a rather marvelous tea room . . .

. . . very nice cakes and a pot of Suffolk Blend Tea!


More photos of our walk can be found here.

Have a lovely weekend


  1. It was a glorious afternoon that you had - I love Castle Hedingham, it's worth going when the castle's open sometime too, lovely snowdrops they have in the castle grounds.

  2. In the south of the country we certainly cannot complain about the winter weather, lots, as you show, of blue skies and sunshine, and no snow.
    Eric Ravilious is a long time favourite of mine.

  3. A walk in the winter sunshine followed by tea and cake - perfect!

  4. What a beautiful walk on such a glorious day.

  5. Shame the blue plaque did not mention his talented wife also- Tirzah Ravilious who seems to have been overshadowed by Eric's success, or maybe she did not live there?

    1. Good point, a great shame Tirzah isn't as well known , although there was a fabulous exhibition featuring her work at the Fry Gallery in Saffron Walden. Tirzah and Eric bought Bank House in 1934 and lived there until April 1941.

  6. Thank you for sharing, my mum grew up in Sible Hedinham. My grandfather had a general store there circa 1930s.

  7. Celia, you all surely did find a great place for an interesting walk (with cake, too.) That first sunny photograph with the two long shadows somehow reminds me of some Pissarro paintings that I admire very much.

    Thank you also for the link about Suffolk Blend Tea which was a new one for me. I hope to be able to try it some day...might even find some over here in New York.



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