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Thursday, 29 January 2015

Projects and deadlines


I thought I'd drop into my blog for a few minutes before getting down to work . . .

First, thank you for all the kind concern about my Ginger Studio Assistant, he has taken all his medicines and is so much better – in fact he is very chipper!

Next, another thank you, Cath Greene has awarded me this:

a Liebster Award for this blog. You can read more over on her blog Cath Greene, as with all memes it comes with rules, questions, nominations. I rarely take part in these, I know some people love them (#artchain on facebook is very popular at the moment) but I find them a bit of a chore - I doubt they are meant to be – maybe because I would want to take time and do the task well and think carefully about who I'd pass it on to and I really do have a lot of more important things to think about already this week . . .

Which brings be on to projects and deadlines

When I started this blog I was working full time on projects for publishers, supplying dozens... no, many 100s of illustrations for educational books. There were deadlines too, some were very scary indeed! For each publisher I drew a different style of digital artwork, sometimes I would have to swap styles 2 or 3 times a day. I began to think, "what if I was known for just being me?" – but what was me? This blog has really been about my search for my own 'style'.

Last year I had a solo exhibition of my prints, I was hugely grateful to Helen at the Church Street Gallery for inviting me to do this and everything was displayed beautifully (I didn't have to do a thing except deliver the work, turn up and enjoy) BUT - I have to admit that I didn't enjoy the experience, it was outside my comfort zone. Maybe that aspect of being an artist isn't for me, maybe solo exhibitions will always be weird/uncomfortable experiences? Will I do it again? Maybe, but I'll wait for the right time. The problem is me - incidentally,  neither do I enjoy coffee, scented candles, strawberries dipped in chocolate or musicals.

I love working on my own designs and prints, I really love producing my own range of cards and marketing them. But a little bit of me missed working with other creative people - writers, editors and art directors. I thought, wouldn't it me nice if occasionally someone asked me to contribute one of my designs to be part of their project . . .

. . . then, BOOOM! this happened . . .

So, if I'm not around on here, or Twitter or Instagram or Facebook (but I don't like FB much anyway) I'm sure you'll understand why. And, I'm sorry not to be able to tell you what the projects are but they'll gradually be revealed over the coming months. And I'll blog about them.

In the meantime, I still plan to make time to enjoy some walks outside and work in the garden - especially when the sky is blue! And I'll put my photos on Flickr.

A Bullfinch on the Cherry Plum tree
in our garden this morning

Well, I'd better tackle one of those projects!


  1. Take it easy and lots of work is a good thing :)

  2. How wonderful to have all those opportunities! One of your deadline dates is a special date for me this year ;-) Enjoy all your projects and I look forward to hearing more about them as the year progresses. X

  3. It sounds exciting and good luck!

  4. Sounds exciting! Will have to wait and see what it is...

  5. Have fun with your projects Celia; working with/ for others is always good, it can be lonely beavering away on one's own, even with a cat for company!

  6. The projects sound intriguing Celia and it will be great to read about them as you are able to share details. I love your honesty and directness about things so good luck with everything. I saw a bullfinch yesterday too but he was nobbling the buds on my plum tree. Only after lots of photos and oohs and aahs did it dawn on me that I might not get any plums this year but it was worth it. Crack on with those deadlines!

  7. Celia, I like that puffed up bullfinch against the bright blue sky. Of course, since I truly do not know too much about birds, it's possible that the bullfinch was not puffed up.

    Congratulations on having all those commissions keeping you busy along with your very own artwork. If you can manage to juggle the mix (and I would bet that you can) having that mix sounds quite good.

    May I thank you also for mentioning my NYC post snow report on twitter. Much appreciated.

    Truly...I may join twitter myself in the near future. I smile a bit to think that I am making continuing progress on New Year decluttering of my apartment while contemplating taking on new time demands that twitter might call for.


  8. Exciting times, I hope you enjoy the process.

    We share dislikes almost exactly!

  9. Very exciting Celia. Good luck with all your projects whatever they may be!


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