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Monday, 2 June 2014

100 Flowers : catching up with the abundance in May!

I've been taking photos of the flowers in our garden last week but didn't have time to write individual posts  . . . May is a time of abundant growth and the Spring flowers and blossoms are quickly fading to make way to the more colourful flowers of Summer.

So here are flowers #037 to #083 in a slide show, the names are listed below. If you are unable to view the film on your iPad, you can view it here on my Facebook page.

#037 Common Daisy - Bellis perennis
#038 Sweet Pea 'Painted Lady'
#039 Dame's Violet - Hesperis matrionalis
#040 Geum 'Prinses Juliana'
#041 Mexican Fleabane - Erigeron karvinskianus
#042 Geranium x oxonianum (unknown variety)
#043 Ox eye Daisy - Leucanthemum vulgare
#044 Pot Marigold - Calendula officinalis
#045 Bearded Iris - Iris germanica (unknown variety)
#046 Allium (unknown variety)
#047 Bearded Iris - Iris germanica (unknown variety)
#048 Meadow Rue - Thalictrum aquilegiifolium
#049 Oriental Poppy - Papaver orientale (grown from seed)
#050 White Weed - Lepidium draba
#051 Spiderwort - Tradescantia occidentalis (unknown variety)

#052 Common Laburnum - Laburnum anagyroides
#053 Shrub Rose - Rosa moyesii 'Geranium' 
#054 Dusky Cranesbill - Geranium phaeum hybrids (self seeded)
#055 Great Masterwort - Astrantia major  (unknown variety)
#056 Snowball Bush - Viburnum opulus
#057 Fuschia-flowered Gooseberry - Ribes speciosum
#058 Armenium Cranesbill - Geranium psilostemon
#059 Allium hollandicum 'Purple Sensation'
#060 Paeony (unknown variety)
#061 Granny's Bonnets - Aquilegia hybrids (self seeded)
#062 Mountain Cornflower - Centaurea montana
#063 Sweet Cecily - Myrrhis odorata
#064 Sage - Salvia officinalis
#065 Common Thyme - Thymus vulgaris
#066 Atlantic Poppy - Papaver atlanticum
#067 Pink-flowered Strawberry - Fragaria x Comarum hybrid
#068 Strawberry 'Gariguette'
#069 Crimson-flowered Broad Bean
#070 Herb Robert - Geranium robertianum
#071 Angelica - Angelica archangelica
#072 Wild Starwberry - Fragaria vesca
#073 Cow Parsley - Anthriscus sylvestris
#074 White Comfrey - Symphytum orientale
#075 Germander Speedwell - Veronica chamaedrys
#076 Alexanders - Smyrnium olusatrum
#077 Solomon's Seal - Polygonatum hybridum
#078 Eleagnus 'Quicksilver'
#079 Salsify - Tragopogon porrifolius
#080 Lemon - Citrus x limon
#081 Opium Poppy - Papaver somniferum
#082 Opium Poppy - Papaver somniferum
#083 Pea 'Robinson' and 'Victorian Purple Podded'

That's 47 different flowers without even trying to search for them and missing out the ones which really deserve a proper blogpost of their own.



  1. It's just amazing how many flowers there are at this time of year - that's a lovely film :-)

  2. May is my favourite time of the year for flowers - such beauties and many of the best are included here :-)

  3. Wow, Celia, what a fantastic catch up from your beautiful garden. I love the purple podded lovelies at the end!


  4. All of those are in flower in your garden right now?? amazing and totally gorgeous!!


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