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Friday 13 June 2014

Visible mending

Two years ago I went for a walk wearing an almost new pair of trousers, I skidded on some gravel while crossing a dry ford and landed with a bump. Then I picked myself up and examined the damage - grazed palms, a grazed and bleeding knee AND a gaping hole in my trousers!
I've been meaning to mend them but kept putting them aside, until today when I sat down in a shady place in the garden and mended the hole.

Inspired by Japanese Sashiko 

Circular patterns in little running stitches

Stitches that firmly hold the tears to a patch underneath

Visible Mending.

And while I stitched I listened to a concert of birdsong . . . I've put a little film with sound over on Instagram



  1. What delightful mending. I have several pairs of jeans waiting for my attention, maybe I'll try something similar on some of them. I'm on my ipad so I can't view the film as it doesn't seem to think there's a link so I'll watch that tomorrow. :-)

  2. I think I would have preferred to do what you were doing than a day in work, it sounds so relaxing

  3. Celia, your visible, decorative sashiko stitched mending is fantastic. I've done a bit of this myself, but my versions seem very crude compared to yours.

    I think slowing down the "running" stitching process is the way to go. You've inspired me to give the technique another try or three.


  4. That is such a brilliant idea! Unfortunately my next set of clothes patching is all on my partner, Josh's, trousers and I don't think he'd appreciate the artistry but I'm definitely going to keep this idea for the next time I need to do a fix on my own clothes!

  5. Wow, that's fantastic, it really is. Beautifully done. Although maybe not for the boys' school trousers. But for mine - perfect.

  6. Wow that's clever! Looks more like detailed embroidery or an appliqué, a nice embellishment to the clothing.

    Your post reminded me of the time I slipped and fell down in Madeira a few years ago. Grazed palms and all, it makes you feel a bit vulnerable and gave me flashbacks of how it was being a child when you're more prone grazed palms and knees.

  7. Inspirational!! They are going to get some jealous looks! :)

  8. What a great idea, it so pretty. A real bonus when the repair actually makes an improvement!
    P x

  9. Tom of Holland would be proud of you!

  10. Perfect mending Celia... and so pretty too!

  11. How chic Celia. Worth waiting for I think!

  12. It's lovely! and I noticed while looking at the pargetting on your house that the pattern is similar - both are very lovely and. as someone else mentioned, worth ruining a nice pair of trousers for - well maybe almost...


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