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Monday, 26 May 2014

Muck sweat and gardening

I am going to attempt to write this blog post on my iPad from the garden bench where I'm resting after a few hours of hard labour...

I have cut down all the neck high nettles and comfrey from along the side of the garden wall

I have dug out the oldest of our two compost heaps that's more than a year's worth of hen muck and bedding from the hen house, lawn mowings and weeds - it hasn't been touched for over a year and was very well rotted down.

First the nettles and comfrey where tipped into the pit I'd dug out from the old Three Sisters mound (the soil from here has been used to pot up tomatoes) and then I covered them with the well rotted compost and raked it into a smooth mound.

We will be relocating the compost heaps to the far end of the garden, on the edge of The Wild Wood, so the other compost heap will also be dug out this summer.

Next I will make huge structure for the Runner Beans to climb up and put it in the centre of the mound before planting the pot grown Runner Beans around it and Courgettes and Cucumbers around the edge. By 'next' I mean 'another day'. I think I'll now have a shower, have some lunch and put my feet up!



  1. enjoy keeping your feet up, sounds like a mega work out

  2. My goodness, Celia, what an energetic gardner you are! Looks as if blogging from a garden bench has worked out very well after your digging and pulling work out.

    Thanks for giving lazy city bones like me an idea of what it takes to make a beautiful garden like yours grow.


  3. The effort will be forgotten when you're picking and eating the results of your labour :-)

  4. I'm resting on my laurels...Well, I would be, if I had laurel!

  5. Those runner beans are set to do really well this year with all that fresh compost. Time for some rest now :)

  6. You have been working hard! Have a well earned rest. CJ xx

  7. Sounds like you deserve to put your feet up, some brilliant work! Thanks for sharing it with us.


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