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Saturday, 2 November 2013

Probably the last seaside ice-cream of 2013

The delivering-work-to-galleries season is here, I always slighting underestimate the amount of time it takes to frame prints, pack cards and compiling itemised lists in duplicate.

But I try to combine taking the work to a gallery with some time for relaxing and enjoying a day out. In the past week I've had a super giggly day out to Norwich with a dear friend who has just dipped her toes back into the blogging pond; a wonderful day showing a very special New York blogger the out of the way corners of Cambridge; and then yesterday Cliff and I had a jaunt to the seaside.

We were blessed with good weather, it was mild with fleeting sunny spells through the broken thin cloud . . . so not bad for 1st November! Our first stop was to deliver my prints and cards to The Gallery at Snape Maltings. I'm still a little excited that my work is in the same gallery as Maggi Hambling's.
I love this tranquil view of the river and reed beds and the quay at the Maltings.

With the delivery done we ferreted around the antiques barn (but resisted buying, mindful that our house is full of 'stuff', we need to sell things rather than buy more!) Then we headed further East to the coast at Aldeburgh and a nice lunch at The Lighthouse, fish and chips of course!

We had to follow that with a walk down to the beach to see the grey North Sea . . . very churned up but calm again after the St Jude's Day Storm.

And we couldn't resist having an ice-cream from the hut by the Boating Pond . . . probably our last seaside ice-cream of 2013.

And then it was the long drive right across Suffolk (a very wide county!) to home and supper of the best potted shrimps from a fisherman's shed on the beach and delicious bread from the Pump Street bakery at Snape to remind us of our day.

I have a little space now to work on a couple of commissions and plan more work . . . and maybe another blog post, Cheep wants to show of his swanky new tail to you!



  1. Great place, great food choices (allbeit out of my safe spectrum!) Was hoping to grab my last ice cream of the season too whilst on my latest trip to West Cork but sadly didn't manage it- will have to look forward to it in 2014!
    Look forward to seeing Cheep

  2. how lovely and exciting, your beautiful work in all those galleries! i think you did the smartest thing possible taking yummy food and ice cream breaks, sounds like a wonderful day! and how wonderful you were able to spend time with your dear friend and frances!
    xo lori

  3. An enjoyable trip-'from-'afar, Celia.With ice creams!

  4. Snape Maltings and Aldeburgh - two of my favourite places! Mixing work and pleasure sounds a very good idea.

  5. Sound like a perfect day out. I wish I'd know you were with Frances in Cambridge... I would love to have met her. Well done on the CL article too. Hope it generates lots of business.

  6. Your work is every bit as good as Maggi Hambling's, smaller in scale perhaps...

    I was in Aldeburgh a few weeks ago and bought icecream and fish from the same places as you. Then we had a lovely drink in a pub - it was a lovely day.

    Isn't it good to see Fiona back in Blogland? I am so pleased. Pleased too, to know that you managed to meet up with Frances. Looking forward to reading her posts about the last visit.

  7. Wow great photos really beautiful! :)

  8. It sounds like a very successful trip, aren't we lucky to have these lovely places nearby.

  9. I adore potted shrimps. I hadn't thought of them in ages until reading your blog! Saw and read about you in Country Living. Fame!!


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