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Saturday, 9 November 2013

Sew Me! Take 2 (not just with quilters in mind)

I haven't forgotten to tell you about Cheep's magnificent new tail, the photos have been taken but I have something I must show you first . . .

Remember the Sew Me! project? Well there was another very special secret sewer, Stephanie or as she is know to her many blog, facebook and etsy followers, Madame Millefeuilles. I knew that she would be very busy with her many projects and her lovely family but she's just revealed what she's been making with my fabrics over on the Millefeuilles blog. Thank you so much Stephanie for taking part in Sew Me! xx

In addition to the lovely crisp linen/cotton canvas that Su, Tracy and Gina used and can be seen here on my Sew Me! Pinterest board; I've now added some smaller versions of Stripe and Sprigs with quilters in mind. And to test them out I thought I'd have a bash at machine quilting.

On holiday in Canada in 2001 I bought a book with some lovely ideas for quilting blocks, Scrappy Duos: Color Recipes for Quilting Blocks. Of course it got put on the book shelf and I never did any quilting . . . until this summer!

I had 5 fat quarters of fabric:

From these I was able cut squares for this design

I then machine stitched them together, the book explains this very clearly and it means being very methodical and precise – which is actually very calming and satisfying to do. It doesn't take long to put all the pieces together.

I wanted to try my hand at hand quilting – I don't think any of my vintage sewing machines is cut out for machine quilting and I wanted to work on it while sitting of the sofa in the evenings. I've no idea if this is the 'right' way to do it, but I used a thin cotton batting (actually it's that thermal stuff that's used to make curtains warmer) and backed it with soft well-washed vintage cotton sheeting. The thread is a fine crochet cotton which just happened to be the perfect shade of blue.

I enjoyed working out where the stitching should go to make patterns around the squares.

When the busyness of this pre-Christmas season is over, I'll have time to make it into a large cushion cover/pillow case. 

The fabric is Retired Kona Cotton (quilting weight). Rather frustratingly Spoonflower have introduced a new version of their Kona Cotton with brighter more intense colours. So if you order make sure it's the RETIRED Kona Cotton rather than the new one.

I'll have to do a test swatch and adjust the colours for the new fabric . . . oh well, that's manufacturing for you!

But on a positive note, it's lovely to sew - doesn't slip and irons really easily (though you do have to iron on the reverse or use a protective cloth just in case the heat discolours the fabric).

Mmmmmm this was fun! maybe I'll make a whole king-size bed cover one day?

All my fabrics can be ordered from my Spoonflower shop.

And a huge thank you to Stephanie for adding her needle skills to the Sew Me! project.


Cheep's tail coming next, I promise x


  1. This is lovely Celia, I'm impressed with your super precise seam matching! Great to use your own fabrics.

  2. Dear Celia,

    You've got me hankering after a patchwork quilt now! Those fabrics of yours really lend themselves to all sorts of delights. Thank you for letting me participate in your Sew Me Project. It's been so much fun.


  3. Celia, I am still trying to find my way through re-entry into my usual NYC routine, but will soon be posting my photos in a blog about our very fine Cambridge day.

    Meanwhile, what fun to see this post of yours and also Stephanie's about the variety of ways in which your textile designs can be deployed.

    It's grand to see your lovely designs take on the additional creative decisions made by other talented folks. Each of the examples I've seen have made me realize just how good your designs are.

    I predict many more textiles forays for you, Celia.

    Best wishes! xo

  4. Hello Celia, i have come via Stephanie, and so glad to have found you and your beautiful work. I am in love with your fabrics and your quilt is beautiful. So looking forward to browsing your blog and having a peek in your shop xx

  5. Hi Celia just found your blog through Stephanie. I love your fabrics, they are gorgeous and it seems that they have been turned into gems by some very talented friends! The quilt you are working on is stunning, I can't wait to see more if it. Xoxo

  6. It's beautiful Celia and how wonderful to make something from fabrics you have designed yourself.

  7. oh dear i want to sew now! i LOVE LOVE your quilt and the hand sewing is really so pretty, the blue thread is perfect. your fabric is beautiful too celia, so many possibilities! stephanies projects are so beautiful too!

  8. Gorgeous quilt Celia, but then with those wonderful fabrics to work with how could it not be?

  9. What Julie said! Totally unoriginal comment from me here, sorry, but she has written almost word for word what I was about to type. I'll add, though, that I particularly like what I just found myself thinking of as the Celia Blue.

  10. Hello Celia,
    I've come to meet you via lovely Stephanie of Millefeuilles...your fabrics are beautiful and I'm going to enjoy having a trip around your blog and Facebook page now...a new follower!
    Happy Monday,
    Susan x


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