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Thursday 27 June 2013

The 5th pea in the Pigeon Proof Pen is . . .

The Salmon-Flowered Pea

Isn't she pretty! Like a Thomas Hardy heroine in a cotton sun bonnet.

It's not a purple-podded pea, but it's a must-have decorative vegetable. If it wasn't for the pigeons, I'd grow this in the flower borders. 

It grows to about 1.5 metres and as it gets taller the main stems thicken and the top gets bushy.

Clusters of buds appear at the top of the plant.

 The flowers are smaller than the other pea flowers but because they are in clusters they make quite an impact; posies of white and salmon pink.

These will be followed by clusters of small pods containing tiny sweet-flavoured peas.

I'll compare the pods from all five pea varieties next month.



  1. Gorgeous. So very pretty. Bet they'll taste exquisite too :-)

  2. Celia, it's a delight to follow the progress of blossoming peas in your well protected garden site. This latest arrival is so lovely. How disappointed the pigeons must be.

    On my last visit to the farmers market at Union Square, I did see one farm stand offering Purple podded pea blossoms for sale in very small plastic boxes...$5 for each. I gazed longingly at them, thought of your garden, and quickly moved on before I got the five dollar bill out of my wallet.


  3. So pretty! I'm learning so much about peas from you! Looking forward to the comparison between the flowers and also the peas and pods of each variety.

  4. Lovely! My attempts at growing anything other than green eating peas has been abysmal. I'm vicariously enjoying your successes.

  5. How wonderful and very pretty. I am sure they taste wonderful. Hugs judy

  6. I can't blame the pigeons, I would like to put them in a salad too.

  7. She is a stunner Celia and I will find the pod comparison a real treat. I hope they will then be followed by a taste test to see if those good looks are matched with flavour.

  8. Ooh, what a beautiful blossom! I wish I had grown some.

  9. Oh my goodness, where can I get these? They are absolutely gorgeous!


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