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Friday, 24 February 2012

The mad march towards March

The year is marching past at a brisk pace and we're almost at the end of February already . . . and that means the my studio's newsletter will be sent out on Monday.

This month's newsletter will include a discount code for Magic Cochin's Emporium and news of a very special PPP blog-event in March. So, if you'd like to receive one, just sign up by clicking here and filling out the form. (I promise not to deluge you with emails and will never share your details with anyone else.)

I've been busy this week working on a new linocut of mad March hares, the block has been cut and I've just done a quick rubbing to check the carving . . . all on course for printing next week.

Wishing you all a good weekend.



  1. You have such a wonderful eye. Love the boxing bunnies!

  2. Oh so fabulous! That plate is going to make some beautiful prints Celia.
    I like how you make a rubbing to check your cutting - I proofed mine by inking and using a flat wooden spoon, but rubbings seem far more sensible - no messy ink!
    I may have to buy one of the Hares prints... to keep my Owl company of course!

  3. Wonderful, I can't wait to see the finished print!

  4. Celia, your mad hares look like graceful dancers to my eyes.

    What a lovely print. I am also astounded to realize that March is heading our way.


  5. I love your dancing bunnies!!! You are so talented! It will make a beautiful print!

  6. Looking forward to that first newsletter from you. This looks like a great print too. Mad March Hares? Not a creature we see at all down here and the reminder that March is upon us just says 'St Davids Day' to me. Better get my daffodil and leek at the ready.

  7. Such lovely work. There is something magical about hares; they seem to be a favourite of folk so I am sure this will go down well.

    I was surprised to see fat little flower buds ready to burst on a plum this morning. Spring is almost here!

  8. Cheeps the chick! That was the first time I've ever made a foray (does looking count as a foray?) into Twitter...and so worth it. I notice back then you were calling him 'she'...sigh, yes I think Soots might be a little Ara boy but I'm going to keep him. The Light Sussex pair were supposed to be two hens...the boy is leaving us today to go back to the farm where he was born. I'll be a bit sad about it but we just can't keep him.

    This is off track a bit but one of my favourite posts of yours of all time was the girls footprints in the snow and the image of the dance steps. I still laugh about that and everytime you post a snow pic I think of it!

    Your new prints are lovely xx

  9. Looking forward for your coming newsletter as well ma’am Celia! Awesome and magnificent work by the way on the hares! I like the ancient/oriental feeling of the image. Keep up the Good work!


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