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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Like a red red rose . . .

I'm just surfacing briefly, it's been very busy around here.

I was on a nice steady path and then, like you do when you're a freelance, you get offered a job and say yes and all of a sudden it's work overload for a while. It also go a bit colder – well quite a lot colder! In fact last Friday night was the coldest I've ever experienced – not just at home but anywhere (and I once went to see Polar Bears in the Arctic) it was -16C (that's about 3F). And to top it all we were due to travel by train to Liverpool the next morning! Amazingly we managed to catch a train and get there and back for the second very cold night, only -12C this time.

On Monday I worked solidly and got all the digital illustration files uploaded in time for Tuesday morning's deadline; so yesterday, even though I got lots of bitty scrappy things done – like insuring my car and sowing the Crimson Flowered Broad Beans in pots in the greenhouse, I felt a bit spaced out and brain dead.

There was no bouquet of flowers arriving at the door the brighten things up, but Cliff seemed very cheery when he phoned to say he was on his way home from work . . . oh well, Valentine's Day is only some commercial sillyness isn't it?

"so . . . er . . . did you . . . um . . . get some nice flowers?"


"No? . . . oh?!"


Later . . . much later . . .

A weary delivery van driver was found searching for our house in the dark. He handed Cliff a box and then looked at the pile of boxes still in his van, "I'm the courier's IT man, I'm only doing this to help out! There's no way I can find all the houses now, I'm giving up" he said.

Not a bouquet this year, but a beautiful little red rose bush – I hope it goes on to flower every year.

Right then! Must get on . . . a VIGB* is arriving at Purple Podded Peas HQ on Friday and I have to get the spare room ready.

And an email has just arrived with another digital illustration brief . . .


* very important garden blogger


  1. Oh, dear, there must have been some red faces and disappointment at the non delivery of the boxes, I'm glad yours arrived eventually! How lovely to have something to enjoy year after year too.
    Can't wait to find out about your VIGB too, I'm determined to get on top of the garden this year, and I need all the help I can get!
    P x

  2. Oh dear, all those poor disappointed people. At least your rose bush got to you on time. And what a perfect gift.

  3. What a lovely gift - even if it was a little late! Enjoy your visitor.

  4. A VIGV & a red rose bush too- exciting! Looking forward to finding out more & seeing the photos too. Good Luck with the work!

  5. I adore the idea of something that will continue to share the love for many years to come. You'll never be able to look at it without thinking of when and where Cliff gave it to you. That is special.

  6. That's a lovely gift I have a few roses all with memories attached.
    Does you guest do flowers?

  7. Hi Allot of Veg - No, my visitor does not 'do flowers' ;-)

    Have you guessed who it is yet?


  8. Freezing is an understatement!!! How are you all coping?

    Very sweet to get a rise bush but I feel sorry for the IT delivery dude!


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