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Thursday, 26 May 2011


A few short showers today . . . I went outside and did a little dance!

The sky is falling!!! The sky is falling!!!

Hide under the hedge girls . . .

The grass was damp, the air smelled fresh.

A toad came out for a walk and strolled into the greenhouse . . .

The soil looks damp . . . but there was only enough rain to wet the top 1cm of soil.

Underneath and around the plant roots it's still dusty and dry . . .

More rain please, the situation is getting serious.

This is the BBC News report from a farm in a village not far from ours – the twelve weeks without rain will have an impact on all of us.



  1. crazy huh?... we just drove up from London and it rained the whole way but when we got here everything was dry!! WTF?

  2. And today is the first day we've had dry for a long time. We'd gladly swap you some of our rain for some of your dry weather if we could!

  3. We had a little rain here too but it's barely touching the soil. The farmer's must be driven to despair at the moment as we've had no more than 3 days of rain in 3 months!

  4. Snap - how excited have us in the east been today! I've just blogged about the rain too !

  5. It must be a great relief, I wish I could send you some of ours. Grey skies, wet and miserable here.

    Love the book below, it looks like a King Penguin?

  6. If I could I would send you part of what we had in west London today - buckets and sheets of rain, followed by hail! I hope my seedlings will survive the battering.

    Nothing for ages and then all at once... it's like the buses!

  7. You're right, Celia, it IS just about better than nothing. But, er, only just about.

    Truth is, we need about a fortnight of rain every day at this point to get back to a reasonable level of soil saturation.

  8. Celia, you can have some of our. We're having one of the wettest springs ever. (And now it's getting too hot.)

  9. We did reasonably well - it started slowly enough that the later deluge didn't just run off. Even the kids were excited enough to run outside in it without coats - who'd have thought rain would be a novelty?!

  10. Hi Celia
    Don't panic!
    We have a BH coming up so it is bound to rain!!!

  11. Celia, I knew that all our rainy weather would reach you eventually. Perhaps you just got the first installment today!

    Love the photo of the walkabout toad, and of course, the girls look lovely in their fine feathers.


  12. I couldn't get down to water my garden last night when I got in from work because it was under 5" of water!

  13. Had our first rain yesterday for a long time. Lovely but not enough.
    My husband's uncle was a market gardener and always tried to get a toad to live in his greenhouse to eat the nasties. He used to move it to a different corner each day. 'I'm off out to move me toad' sounds like a euphemism for some bodily function or other!

    Word verification is sussics. Iffy spelling!

  14. We had an alarming hailstorm (40 minutes west of you) and torrential rain, but, as you say, only enough to damp the surface. And hardly enough to wet a hen!

  15. Oh yes - snap!

    We've had more lovely showers today, although less sun .... the water butts are filling up very slowly but its a start.

    I do love the sunshine however a verdant green garden after rain does it for me any day!

    Love your photos Celia!


  16. We had a bit of rain too up here in N Norfolk. But today nothing. It's still very dry.

  17. oh lordy at least it was something :) I LOVE your toad, has he a name????
    Thank you for your comment on my big news today xxxxx

  18. Yay!! at last, it's been a long time coming hasn't it? Although with all the strong wind we've had too, the ground is still very dry. Knowing our luck, the wet weather will wait till the school holidays!!

  19. wow - I had no idea it was so dry over your side! Things are wet and cold here - is this summer? I had to ask today, because even for an Aussie who doesn't like the heat, this isn't very fun. I wish I could send some of our rain your way. 12 weeks is a long time. That's the sort of thing that happens to us at home. I hope you get more soon.

    Jacqui x


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