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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The Grand Tour

If you are wandering along the Embankment in London, opposite the London Eye and the Royal Festival Hall, I recommend that you step inside Somerset House and through into the courtyard – it won't cost you anything and you'll see some quite breath taking and thought-provoking statues . . .

Circle of Animals / Zodiac heads by Ai Weiwei

On Sunday I met up with Wendy of Hens in the Garden and Terry of The Hen Cam and we did just that . . .

We were intrigued by the animals mouths – some were anatomically accurate, the teeth and inside the moth super-sized realistic; strangely some were weirdly wrong – the rabbit has human teeth; all have tongues which are clearly visible; all seem to be talking.

The exhibition was organised before the artist Ai Weiwei disappeared. Are the Circle of Animals here to tell us something?


This week Terry has been staying with us and we've packed in so much! We've also eaten some wonderful food in lovely places . . .

but we're having such a fun time I haven't time to blog!

I'll tell you all about it when I get back to the old routine.



  1. Not sure about those animal heads. They have a menacing look about them!

  2. Did'nt mean to be anonymous, pressed wrong option!

  3. nice set of photos! the heads would make a cool set of prints/postcards :) so glad you're enjoying your visit.

  4. I guess that the artist must have had multiples of these heads cast, because we have our own circle set up in the plaza in front of New York City's Plaza Hotel.

    I passed by that location on a bus recently, just before the "opening" of the exhibit. The statues were all wrapped up in protective covering (a la Christo, perhaps) and it was intriguing to try to guess the animal from the shaping of the wrap.

    I'll try to find time to check out the fully revealed circle and take some photos.


  5. They look distinctly menacing to me, but I'm glad that you are all having a good time together.


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