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Monday, 9 May 2011

Asthma UK House and Garden Fair

Tuesday 10th May
Chilford Hall, Linton nr. Cambridge

The "Asthma Fair" as it's known locally seems to be the event that starts the summer season of fetes and garden parties; it's now in it's 13th year and hopes to better last year's total of £12.5K raised for Asthma UK. Each year half of the 60+ stalls are different from the previous year, which is a great tactic to keep the event fresh and interesting.

I was a little daunted when I was invited to have a stall at this year's Asthma Fair, but it was the push I needed to make my stall bigger and better! I've had a 'dress rehearsal' so I know what goes where . . .

. . . and now it's all been dismantled and packed into my car van tardis all ready to unpack tomorrow and reassemble on stall number 38.

Of course the tabby one came to check that I'd done it correctly, but she won't be coming with me in the morning.

I hope that some of you can come, if you love flicking through Country Living Magazine you'll love it! There's everything from wrought iron gates to cup cakes!



  1. Hi Celia
    I truly wish I could come it would beat a day at work hands down!
    Hope you have a productive day

  2. Sounds a lovely fair, I wish i could come but I'm heading in the opposite direction to Ipswich (sadly). Hope it goes really well for you.

  3. wow! that's well packed indeed Celia. Have an excellent day with plenty of selling!

  4. That is amazing the fair is for asthma! What an amazing idea!

  5. good luck tomorrow,am sure your prints will go down a storm....have to work otherwise would be there...probs just as well, better for the bank balance

  6. I live not far from Chilford Hall but as I work in a school cannot get the day off. I hope that everything goes splendidly.

  7. Just a thimbleful...

    Oh bother, I'm going up to the V & A tomorrow otherwise I would have come ! Good luck.

  8. Celia, you are so wise to do a dress rehearsal of how you want your display to look at the Fair.

    I predict that the journey home after the Fair will find your vehicle much lighter. Lucky folks who will be able to attend the Fair, and take home a sampling of your talent!

  9. You'd better double check those boxes and baskets before you leave. You might find a cat hiding in there!

  10. neat job of packing! hope you enjoy the fair.

  11. It looks beautiful. I've been thinking of you today and hoping you made lots of sales.


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